I’m into the puzzle to strengthen brain. It was published 12 years ago. The author has belonged to the cram school and owned by himself for more than 30 years. It’s produced from his own achievement and many students got great result to enjoy studying by themselves. I’m very interested in this method and try to learn it.


Are you good at organizing ? Or good at cooking ?

Both are the best but neither is the worst. 

If you are good at organizing you’re a very good worker to know what’s important or less important. Cleaning, filing and throwing away are something efficient skills. The shortest way to clean up your space is to throw useless things away right now.

If you are good at cooking you’re absolutely having good life. It’s because cooking and eating well bring us pleasure and happiness.

Please make sure and check your home.

Good at ….

Sumire chan is saved and cared from the fatal accident hit by train and lost left two legs. She can now walk by right two legs.

This article says that without the help of association helping stray dogs and cats she would have lost her life.

I know it’s very tough to save and live with sick pets. I had once to have saved my loved one 7 days 24 hours for 4 years until she had got 16 year old. When my dog Nao was 12 years old and had serious disease. The vet advised me to give her sleep forever. But I refused, instead I started to make her revive by using any ways. That’s why I got moved by those activities.

Now I remember what I did desperately. I had wrote about it. I will tell you if I had a chance.

Wan Nyan network

Lived with Nao

I was very surprised at the news that there was a snake on the armrest in the bullet train “Nozomi” yesterday. A lady found it and let them know. The express made a temporary stop at the station which was not scheduled.

If I met in such a case I would not feel to take a train anymore. The news made me very uneasy and uncomfortable. Is it something mischievous?

Snake on the arm set

It was a fine autumn day yesterday. Good to walk around and saw beautiful things near here. One is a flower gift, red spider lily was showing colorfully at the bank as usual.

The other one is carps in the river very magnificent. They’re both natural pleasure.

I joined a party of the staff regular meeting. It’s been held twice a year to keep holding reunion of the junior high school every 4 year. We had it last month and made a “good job” party.

I tasted lots of delicious food, especially for the season, grilled sweet fish and “kotsuzake” of charr.