Day of quiz 2

Today’s quiz is here.

1. What’s the date today?

2. What is it today?
3. What day is it today?

4. (4-1)is the day of (4-2), the largest of the planets and said to be the most powerful and strong yet wise and just.


Day of quiz 2」への5件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    1 It’s September 22
    2 Autumnal Equinox day
    3 It’s Thursday
    4 Jupiter
    I look forward to fine day☀
    Today,s quiz is difficult too
    I use dictionary
    Iam confused(@_@;)


  2. hello!
    Today’s quiz is difficult too.
    I knew the difference in 1-3 first time.
    1. What’s date 2. What’s memorial of day 3. What’s day of the week
    By the way, In June we knew that the moon of summer solstice
    was called a strawberry moon or a honeymoon night.
    Is there any story about Autumnal Equinox Day?



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