M; Did you know your brain could revive ?

F; Hmmm….it’s natural to get old and decrease the power of brain as well as body health.

M; I thought just as you do. But I’m now reading this book and I can convince it may happen to get power back both physical and mental health. Actually I’m having a lot of loss of memory for every day life.

F; Of course you are not only one but I’m forgetting each year.

M; I’ll tell you how to keep healthy brain after reading this book.

F; Okay! Don’t forget it.


M; Look. These are blooming powerful in the shade under the tree.

F; Didn’t you take care of them?

M; I didn’t care of them at all…just weeded near here and there. It’s a little far from the door and hard to watch and guard of them.

F; You mean they’re almost wild and no attentions?

M; I sometimes see them growing and found their elegant flowers.

F; So the flowers are just having their own pleasure to bloom….right?

M; Not really. I owe them a lot because they will give me good presents in summer.

F; What are the presents for you despite of no care for them.

M; Yeah….I’m really thankful for their fruits and I’ll give them good manure back.

F; What’s the fruits of the flower?

M; Yesterday my granddaughter joined the baby crawling competition. It was so crowded with more than 150 babies.

F; Oh… that’s so many! Were they all babies?

M; Yes, they could join it as long as they crawl to the goal. You know the term of babies crawling is from 7 months to 12 months or so?

F; Oh …yeah. My children could start to walk from 9 months or 13 months. It is different on each person.

M; They hold that competition three times a year in May, October and January.

F; It’s a good event for every baby. They have chances to get win before walking.

M; Actually to be honest, this event seems not for babies but for parents or grandparents because they have much passion to cheer their babies.

F; I understand. Did you enjoyed a lot, grandma?

M; Yeah…..it was a big fun!

Baby crawling competition

M; 🎶 I care about time beside you and you’re waiting for the train. It’s snowing in spring. You murmurs silently that it’s the last snow in Tokyo for her. 🎵

F; 🎶 Lingering snow falls reflects us of the past innocent time 🎵

M&F; 🎶 Now it’s comes spring and you’ve become more beautiful, much more and much more than last year 🎵

M; I watched Sawako’s morning yesterday. Iruka appeared as a guest this time.

I was very surprised she’s now 67 year-old and having a 20-year-old grandchild. She started concert tour with her 90-year-old father and her son after she had sent her husband off for a couple decades of care of his sickness.

F; Wow….it’s been such a tough life but she looks like as young as before more than 40 years ago.

M; Yes, she does. She always tried to be cheerful even during hard time to care of her husband.

F; I think she lives her life overcoming difficulties and makes herself happy.

M; Yeah…she said

“I notice that Life is full course menu. Now I’m enjoying dessert. “

I’m very impressed with her positive word.

Iruka-Lingering Snow

M; It’s so wonderful Shohei Ohtani swung a big arch at the 9th inning.

F; Oh….how many times did he crack homers in the MLB?

M; It’s the 6th home run.

F; It’s so amazing not only as a pitcher but also a great batter he is!

M; Yeah…it’s his “Sho Time” going on!

F; Shohei Ohtani has his “Sho Time!” We’re really expecting his great works!

It’s Sho Time

M; Do you have any favorite TV programs recently?

F; No, I don’t really watch TV dramas but news or documentaries.

M; I see. I also don’t watch TV regularly, instead I watch some on internet “catch-up TV” app “ TVer”

F; That sounds good!

M; Yeah….it’s very nice and to follow the programs within a week are all free! You can watch it whenever you have time to spare.

F; What did you watch?

M; I did “Head hunter” volume 5. It was really good and made me heart warming. In this story there was “a Happy Hour”, which is the poor housewife’s only happy moment with wine at the restaurant.

Anyway ….I felt moved with the happy ending in it.

F; I guess you are happy to watch the good drama. What are the else do you have?

M; well…I also like “The steward Saionji” , “ the Cold Case” and “Blackpean” and so on.

F; Oh….so many you have! Maybe you’re never bored with every day drama.

M; That’s right.

M; It’s incredible today rapidly turns bad weather.

F; Yes, it seems to long to the weekend.

M; It was very hot like summer yesterday but back to be cool down these days.

F; It’s not funny talking about the weather, huh? Don’t you have any good topic?

M; Indeed….I have nothing good topic to share today😞

F; Don’t worry! Let’s make your day !

M; How?

F; Even no sunshine in the sky you have the Sun in your heart!

M; Oh…I got it!