I’ve seen some emperor dahlias growing on the way to walk in the field. They are having buds and grown very beautifully but not so tall. Then close to look them there are some thick trunks fallen and broken down in the bottom. They might be fallen down and broken into the ground by the strong storm….just as in my garden.

They are survived and revived powerfully.  I’m looking forward to seeing them blooming in a couple of weeks.


It’s a very interesting topic between Japanese and foreign languages. Our language is based on ambiguous words which are focus on not harming other people feeling called ” Empathetic identification “, it’s saying.

I remember that my son claimed ” I’m not Boku but my name is Sei chan, ” when he was asked by someone in the neighborhood . ” Boku, where’re you going?” He didn’t understand Japanese sympathetic identification at his 3-year-old.

I also notice that we can both allow “Thank you” and ” Sorry ” in Japanese but in English it’s kind of strange.  We should know our precious goodness as well as differences from other cultural expressions in the world.

Empathetic identification

I saw very strong and full of guts cosmos on the path along the field. It’s a narrow way on the stream which is covered by concrete bridge behind the street. I often walk my dog and see the season flowers besides.

This cosmos is growing from the crack of concrete ” called guts cosmos ” I think.

It was very hot yesterday. When I walked my dog in the evening fragrant olives were having their fragrance in the air. I saw them so many here and there in front of each house. It’s the symbol of autumn fine day….but I’m sorry it’ll be rainy for days in this weekend. I can’t smell them anymore this season.