It’s useful to clean the veranda. It’s so annoying to clean it. But it’s saying good way to clean it up. I’d like to try during the rainy season.

Cleaning the veranda


It’s so challenging a Japanese opened a restaurant an old Classical Japanese Western restaurant in New York. Japanese Western restaurant was originally from Western food such as hamburger steak, croquette,fried cutlet and omelet so on.

It seems very unique and popular for the Americans to know the Japanese Western taste.

Japanese Western food

The word ” Sotsu Haha ” is so interesting such as ” Sotsu Kon ” to graduate from a wife. It’s been composed newly. 

They said you would never escape from a mother or a father whenever you got older. But now you can free from those stereotype . 

Rieko Saibara is expected to restart her life and work as being an OB mother.  

To graduate from a Mother

I’m doing to throw useless things and what’s in stores for a long time. 

For the first, clothes and next in the drawers or in the shelves books and dishes etc.  And then useless big ones, furnitures, the desk and the table which are just occupying the space.

I’m trying to be a minimalist but as time goes by things get together, the papers, magazines and books are piled. So I need to throw them away regularly. It’s the easiest way to clean rooms and mind.