Good bye 2016 and hello to 2017.

What are you going to do this year even though we are not knowing what will be, what will be.

I still believe it’s the key to make a wish at the first of the year and keep it to the end of the year…but I almost forget it so I write it down and watch it each time.

This year’s resolution is 3S….I’m looking forward to exchanging each other later soon.


It’s finally the end of 2016 today.    I wonder what was it for this year.  There were lots of things, weren’t there?

How’s 2016
It’s very calm and silent morning. But it seems very busy everyone!

Hope you have a good last day!

It’s a documentary video of a Japanese researcher who contributes to revive the lost Japanese native forest. He thinks that wolves worked a lot for the nature but Japanese exterminated them at all.

The man is Yasuo Kuwahara.  He learned how the food chain in the nature is important in the woods. He says wolves should be the top of the chain food. He works hard breeding wolves and making efforts for the dreams come true.

Great Japanese
The forest of wolves

I happened to know that shaking in a bottle makes fantastic processed food which you can eat with…

(Something …?1) put into plastic bottle and shake it for lesss than 10 minutes until steady. It will make ( another one ?2) 

What are these?

I noticed about the book title          ” beware of the digital food”.

What’s the digital food?

It seems such composed with a lot of digital parts like processed food. They are very easy and helpful. I didn’t notice natto not like retort pouch or instant foods.

The safer one is to eat the original food and cook it by yourself.

What’s digital food?

It’s so hard to lose every day life at home after disasters. We have common life; eat, wear, rest and sleep every day and night. But what if we met disasters we’ll be in trouble and can’t have peaceful life. Especially for the bathroom. It’s the most important part of life. If it were not for the toilet we can’t spend healthy days.

I hope those who met disasters and devastated would recover sound life soon.

Problems after disasters