Winter storm

It was really strong and heavy storm yesterday. My garden was terrible, vacant plastic flower pot was blown away and danced into the corner. The dahlia was shaken and hit so badly. I hurried to support the trunk tied up to the fence and to the ground by the strings very hard. I was also blown away by the strong storm.

I found the flower fallen in the ground. I picked it up and put into the flowers in the vase. They’re having good balance and funny with anpanman mates, which were made by glass artist Meg. My kitchen board is now warm and peace different from outside.

This morning he’s standing still against the cold calm wind after the storm.


Winter storm」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    He is great💝🌟🎉🎊
    He shows do one’s best is very important.
    Your flower arrangement is very cute😆🌼🌿
    Dokin chan is the tallest.
    She is very pretty.
    Today is Christmas🎄🎅 Eve Eve.
    Children come my house🏠 every day instead of Santa Claus🎅
    It’s happy holiday too😁(*^O^*)(*^▽^*)(*^_^*)



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