This is very springy and soft bread. It’s called “pau birear” in Brazilian. It includes sesame and splinters of sea weed. Meg baked lots of pau bilia and brought them in the class. It’s so amazing ! She showed  a recipe and how to bake it. I hope I can bake it.


It was very hot from the morning yesterday. I had an errand but I walked to go there on the path which I can’t go by a car, using a narrow and winding trail.

After I finished and going back home I went through the park. There was a different scene from which I’ve ever known. I felt I were somewhere in the resort. How do you see?

Historical speech 

It was an impressive historical speech by Presidrnt Obama in Hiroshima. He visited Hiroshima and gave a service to the monument for the first time as an U.S. present president.
It says for a few minutes’ speech on scheduled but actually his speech was for 17 minutes’ long and very valuable as a declaration to ban of the atomic bombs in the world. It’s worth for listening to the whole sentence.
Anyway I link to the newsflash of the historical event yesterday.

Historical speech

Whole speech article

Whole speech sentence

It was a newsflash in the evening.  A 69-year-old elephant Hakako in the Inogashira zoo died yesterday.

She was sometimes talked to be the oldest elephant in Japan but bad reputation in the world that of bad treat having been alone in the small cage  for more than 60 years.

I had never known about her until the topic appeared on the net news. But I think the caretakers of the zoo had been worked for her to make her happy though the life in the zoo seems unnatural itself.

There are a lot of story behind her after devastated Japan by the world war2. Hanako gave pleasure to people at that time. She has to be praised and deserved to treat well as our good fellow.

I give my condolences to her and she was happy and reached to happy ending.

Hanako died
Story of Hanako

There are some Ethnic restaurants I recently visited.

Among them I like “pho”, a Vietnamese noodle with meat and vegetable in the tasty soup.

I’ve eaten “sesame soup and chicken pho ” at “Ito cafe”. It’s an Asian food restaurant, Thai and Vietnamese cooking. It’s arranged suitable to Japanese in the stylish warehouse. That’s why young couples and university students gather to date on holidays.

The other restaurant is old and popular “Tiem Com Vietnam”.  I really recommend “chicken soup spring noodle pho”. It makes me not only ethnic but also tasty and then happy. 

The both are in the suburb of Toyama but crowded at around lunch time because of the delicious Asian taste.