It’s reported that this season is the most attentive for the dangerous mold which might cause serious diseases.

Do be careful to watch out the ventilation in the house.

Dangerous mold


It’s rainy and cool from last night, this morning. I don’t have to water in the garden but go check plants how they are.

I don’t think they grow so well but slowly growing up. The basils born from seeds are now pretty green leaves spreading now in the shower.

May 11

Many people around the world use English as a communication tool to exchange technology, business, culture and so on. We Japanese are also learning English to chase the world trend and globalization. But it’s a pity that Japanese people are somehow less confidence or shy to speak out because of being afraid of making mistakes. 
Now we can notice that nothing perfect communication is in the world if only when it comes to with trials and errors. We should be more relax and more positive when you talk to others.

As a communication tool

By the way I made an easy and quick dessert “bavarois” yesterday. It’s very sweet because of using marshmallows.

It’s reported that keeping the medicine to keep your health might cause you serious problems. It’s said to be harmless medicine would harm you if you keep taking for a long time, for example “painkiller”,”antihypertensive”, ”    antidepressant” and so on.  

If you take them regularly, need to check it if you really need or not.

Check your medicine