It’s a very heartwarming video that a wild deer stuck into the broken ice on the lake was rescued by the firefighters. 

It’s a very amaging that the deer showing her gratitude to them.

Wild deer rescued


Ministry of Education announces English at elementary school curriculums. It says that stars from the year 2020 when Tokyo Olympic will be held. Students at the 3d grade in 3 years will join the program as preparing for Junior High School English. I hope Japanese won’t be shy enough to use and speak English in the world.

English at elementary school

It’s a new word of “Education and Technology” collaboration called  “Edteck”. It’s now developing all over the world crossing over the languages. 

It’s expected to make good effects on education and human lifestyle a lot. But we won’t know what will happen instead of good results yet


It’s reported about pain if you chronically have in your body. According to this report the pain is memorized in your brain and suspended in the  neurotransmitter.

Actually we feel pain when it gets hurt or damaged by the sickness or the accidents. Even if it’s recovered our memory still remains pain afterward to prevent the next disaster.

I think it’s good suggestion to know the CD4 (Comfortable direction 4) and start from the painless physical exercises to forget pains.


It’s just an information about health whether true or false you can judge it. There’re lots of informations to promote sales of products in the world. As commercial directly catches our eyes and controls our mind easily we should examine or check each before taking it. 

Why don’t you try to read and think about them?

What makes you lift up

It’s alarmed by the National Police Agency that virus mails are sent to every one randomly with very friendly title. So you are not be conscious about it and open it. Once you open the virus infected mails your devices would be hacked by the malicious action.

So you should never open the mails which are sent by the unknown.

Be aware of virus mails