It’s referred about norovirus which  is seen to spread in winter. The doctor says that you should take a good rest and egest the virus with drinking much water. So you don’t have to take an expensive examination because no good effective antivirus.

In fact you need to recover your inner power to get over the virus at last.




  1. Good morning ⛄⛄⛄❄❄❄
    When I heard that oyster has norovirus Iwas disappointed.😭😭
    I love raw oyster.
    Norovirus’s infection power is strong❗
    Prevent first❗❗
    Immunity power up❗❗❗


  2. Today’s weather is cloudy.
    Norovirus is scary.
    My grandchildren take several times,too.
    I have been to help before.
    I would like to take care that I will not get sick now.


  3. Norovirus is active all year round.
    We eat another clam with overheat.
    But oyster season bigins from fall to winter and We eat raw oyster.
    And parson’s temperature down in winter so immunity power down too



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