It’s very unique training school of Sushi master. The founder Makoto Fukue from Toyama prefecture had been consulting for the field of sushi restourants which are lack of successors who needs skills and management. 

His aim is now professional sushi master developing overseas where Japanese legacy and healthy food is being popular and awaited. His dream is having wings and traveling.

Sushi academy

Kanburia Kingdom


It’s a kind of very nostalgic heartful story we had passed it away. It might have been in Japan when people were poor but something important never bought by money.

We should never forget.

It’s on the facebook but you don’t have to log in or get an ID.

Enjoy watching the video on facebook.

Repayment after 30 years

Chinese quinces grown in John’s garden are made into “Karinshu” every year. I love it to drink during winter. It made me hot and clear voice, preventing bad cold.

The edible chrysanthemums and flower pot called “Mayuhake” are from Jack. He’s good at gardening and taking care of lots of plants and flowers.

I really appreciate to share the autumn products. It’s very good to taste or see natural products.

It’s season salmon coming back home stream now.

I happened to find the early arrival of some salmons in the stream of the neighborhood. It was not clear because of the algae looked like here and there. But I noticed them big sound of splash. They were staying there for a while but never seen after a while when I searched there again.

It’s so amazing how far travel of them to get back their home. It’s their destinies trip in a life.

Why salmon come back home
The local news

It’s very helpful to live with pets especially for children and old people because animals are needed to be taken care of every day and watched by gentle heart. They can’t speak words but speak a lot by their languages. We should sense their languages by heart and learn how to communicate heart to heart communication. It’s said only watching animals or touching them effects to heal and make lower the blood pressure. Children can learn the importance of life…life are not working by butteries…something like that.

Animal therapy