Seeing floaters in my eye

It’s been a while since I saw something black dots are floating in my left eye. I didn’t notice nor care about those sometimes appear or disappear.

But I frequently see them recently only in my  left eye. So I immediately went to see oculist and got examination in my eyes. The doctor said no problem in my left eye just for aging one, so he added ” You’d better accept it and get along with the aging result.”

I sigh to myself that I should be relieved or not. Anyway I’m going to walk in the senior life as easy as possible.


The power of seeds

The seeds of leaf vegetable which I planted a week ago sprout out in the morning sunshine today.

I wonder how powerful in the tiny young plants to come out from the soil.

I feel like a mother of them taking care of the baby plants.

Hope they will grow well and healthy.