There is an article for a good life. Especially for the seniors.

Do you know ?

“Live well and Eat well”



It’s reported about the number when we choose from those we want to buy. When I go shopping and buy something wear I choose one of them from its size, design, texture, color and so on. So we can judge in different aspects and decide. So it should be needed many different items when we choose from them. But it says there is a magical number when people would choose.

The magical number to choose

It finally landed in mainland of Japan today. The route was unpredictable and very rare case this time. It landed delay what I expected but still very dangerous in the north east Japan.

We’re very worried for the harvests in fall, rice, grapes, apples and fall vegetables. But more cautious about lives in there. We can’t but pray for the safety of the people.

Typhoon 10 attacks

It’s so surprising that AI works in the creative field. It’s said AI is useful for the information or in the big data not in the creative works. Is it good or bad?  People should be more attentive to survive.

We might be worried if AI would take place of the position of workers, many jobless would increase. What will happen?

AI works extended

It was reported that Chilean salmon is dangerous being added too much medicine. There are two kinds of salmon, one is originated from Norway and the other is newly comer from Chilli. The Chilean brand salmon is lower cost than Norway’s so it’s very easy to shop everywhere to shop. 

I often bought Chilean salmon because it was economical. But once I knew this report before I never buy Chilean salmon. We need to be much concerned about safe food.

What’s safe food

It’s reported that avocado is one of the high nourishment super food. You can eat it in different recipes as it is, cooked and for dessert. I often eat “avocado sashimi ” topping wasabi and soy sauce. It tastes like “uni”.

Super food