How often do you brush teeth a day?

1. Each after meals

2. Morning and night

Which one do you recommend?

Mr. Takeuch introduced a book titled “Don’t brush your teeth”. He said it’s very helpful to keep your teeth forever because you have from millions to thousand millions of bacteria in your mouth. They are invading into your organ through your bad teeth or periodontal disease. That’s why you need to clean your mouth. But brushing too much after each meal is not good, it says. Because after eating inside the oral condition is acid so brushing might make your weak teeth hurt.

It’s better use fros and googol after meals. Then the morning before you eat and the night before you go to bed is the good way to brush teeth but with little toothpaste. 

Be careful to change brush often each month even the brush doesn’t seem tired because it has germs all over if it’s being wet.

In the end keeping your teeth makes you totally healthy to prevent lying in bed in the aged.

How to keep teeth healthy

It’s a research about “happiness” and “Where’s happiness from?”

But it’s not the same meaning for “happiness” in each person, status and age. 

It’s clear that happiness comes from inside which lives in the positive mind who is not so wealthy enough but moderate fulfillment.

Where’s happiness from?

I come to notice that nothing heals but grief and sadness when you lost someone important near you.

I’ve been heart-aching by the loss of my father for four years and then another grief for losing Sadako instead. It’s much wonder no ache or breaking heart to my father any more but feeling new sorrow for Sadako.

I’m sure feeling in my heart can’t be sorrowful for the double or triple grieves  at the same time. The latest one is the biggest sorrow in my heart and memories.

Now my memories are full of grieves but being healed by the new one. I’ve finally learned how to accept the facts including much feeling in my life. I’m getting stronger and stronger but tougher and tougher as well.

I said ” Good- bye ” to Sadako last week. She lived her 97 years life fully pursuit except the last three months. It was tough to see her in bed to have made into medical treatment a lot though she didn’t want it. But I couldn’t help it just caring her and praying her safe and happy landing. 

It makes me seriously think how to live and die a life with medical care. Actually she wanted to die naturally during sleeping with nothing resuscitation of lifesaving medical care….so do I! 

Her death face was really beautiful and peaceful in spite of all through the suffers of the resuscitations. It makes me very relieved and easy. I’m sure she departed to the next stage without regret. I said to her 

” Itterasshai ! ”


One day one of them put up a sign which said “The Best Restaurant in the City.”
The next day, the largest restaurant on the block put up a larger sign which said “The Best Restaurant in the World.”
On the third day, the smallest restaurant put up a small sign which said “The Best Restaurant on this Block.”