It’s poorer product of basil in my garden. It’s because I grew them from seeds not as usual from young plants bought at the shop.

My gardening skill and care are not  enough for them and the more this year, leaves are bitten a lot by bugs. It’s because I don’t like to use agricultural chemicals. So almost leaves were killed into bugs food except in the planters.

So I harvested some of leaves from the planters and made into paste. I’m sorry small portion of paste this summer. I’m thinking about next year, leaves should be planted in the planter except edible chrysanthemum. It’s very strong and not edible by bugs.


I had twice lunch meeting to eat out last week. One is vegetable lunch using a lot of summer vegetable with homemade Japabese basil sauce. It was natural and simple dish. The other one is gorgeous three stairs lunch box. The first is rice, the second is cooked vegetable and the third is tempura and grilled fish or egg roll. The side has fresh sashimi from Yokata bay’s caught ones. 

I had a really good time to taste summer very much.

Do you know how to manage yourself? The point is to control your anger in yourself. When you get angry you can try how you control and think why you are angry. 

It’s said people who get angry easily get sick easily….if you are one of those, need to fix yourself.

Anger management

There were two larvas in the different tree which the former cicada already finished its transformation. I was very excited to make an observation again. But the one of the larvas suddenly fell down from the branch. It’s climbing again to the next tree, while the other larva started to make his molting. The fellen one kept climbing at the same height as before and I was busy to observe the transformer. Though the poor larva fell again and never seen until the transformation finished.

I felt very sorry about two larvas fate. One could finish its mysterious change successful but the other one failed. The wild life is survival. It makes me think a lot.


By the way , I couldn’t find any of cicada on the tree this morning. 

I hope they could fly into the sky and spend their short summer.

Then….next morning it’s today.

I couldn’t find the white cicada any more where I had seen last night. But I could find it moved to the tree and changed its color brown. That’s why I couldn’t  see it at first.

It’s climbing to the top slowly and wait for the time to fly to the sky.  I wish it would be warm and sunshine for the new cicada.

It’s very cooperative work with human and cats. Cats are helping to buster rats which annoyed to invade warehouses and damaged stock food.It was very serious sufferings. So the animal protection sent cats to solve the problem. It works really successful. 

Cats at work