M; Hey, Japanese mass start got a gold medal. Nana Takagi won the second gold medal!

F; Yeah…it’s amazing and the female curling team got the bronze medal. It’s a dramatic victory!

M; It was so exciting last night, wasn’t it?

By the way today’s topic is about another gold medalist.

F; who is that?

M; Chloe Kim, At 17 years, 296 days, who is youngest Olympic gold medalist of women’s half pipe on snow.

F; She is Korean American whose parents immigrated to the U.S.

M; She was born and brought up in the U.S. but this time she won the gold medal as a US team in parents native land.

F; She can choose nationality by herself when she gets 20 years old.

M; Well, in the US they can allow two nationalities but in Kore as well as Japan it’s allowed only one nationality.

F; America seems freer than ours.

M; Yeah….it’s different up to the each country. But she is an American who speaks native English.

She tweeted such word.

“I’m getting hangry” when she was waiting for the race nervously in the cold bad condition.”

F; Isn’t it typo “hangry” for “hungry”?

M; Nope! It’s funny that such a blended words are used by young people.

F; Blended words?

M; Yes, it’s blended “hungry” and “angry” = hangry

F; Oh…..sounds interesting! Are there any other blended words?

M; let me show you next time.

F; Okay.

Hungry or Angry


M; I think athletes are all positive or should be positive in any situation, otherwise they will miss the chance to win.

F; I can find each of the athlete has a high potential before the race.

M; It’s a self-management to control your image to win the game or race, mostly to win yourself!

F; I’ve learned they won themselves based on mental training as well as hard physical training.

M; I also found the super athletes are enjoying to train themselves overcoming stress.

F; It’s tough for me to do it.

M; Not me, either. That’s why only a few elites can get the tickets to entry the Olympic.

M: It would be also tough for the family to have those athletes in them. I’ve never imagined of it.

F; But they say they’re very proud of having them.

M; Of course it would be great pleasure as well as a big burden to have such great athletes in a family.

F; The Takagi and The Watabe have sisters and brothers to join the Olympic. Watabe has a wife, too.😳

He said “You can’t change the past but possible to change the future”.

M; Their life themselves might be as if they were climbing the Mountains all together!

F; Someone said “ Life is like climbing the mountains” but the normal hill or the large hill, isn’t it?

M; Hmmm…mine is a small tiny one😣

You can’t change the past

M; I’ve heard Anpanman is 30 year-old this year. The author Takashi Yanase started this character animation based on his bitter experience.

F; The hero Anpanman is steady among kids, who I met just after my two kids had been born. One is a year older and the other is as the same as Anpanman. So they have grown up with the hero!

M; That sounds good! They still love him?

F; Oh….yeah, their kids also love him after parents.

M; That’s loverly!

F; What’s the story behind Mr.Yanase who made Anpanman.

M; You know, Anpanman is a steady hero who never changed his justified mind to save the weak, poor and hungry. It’s because of his (The author Yanase) having hard time during the war.

F; Oh….he was in hunger and much struggles in the war.

M; He found the true justice is to help and feed people in hunger when people are all hungry, not bust the enemy.

F; It seems like his characters teach us how to live happy and no regretful from the bad lessons in the past.

M; That’s true!

F; I’d like to more recommend to watch Anpanman to my grandkids.

The secret behind Anpanman

Live longer than the author

M; I’m very very shocked to read the report.

F; What’s the matter?

M; It’s about chicken and egg of our daily food.

F; I like to eat chicken better than other meat, healthier and cheaper. Eggs are also a queen of nutrition.

M; Yeah….chicken and egg are our must protein to get at the shop. The price is very economical and tender to our purse.

But there are too bad environments for raising chickens in the farm.

F; I can guess so..,not only chicken but also other farm animals are raised so bad to get better income for the farmers.

M; I understand. Now that I know this I can’t buy cheaper one which is sacrificed for our food. But what can we eat in limited budget?

F; We can’t live without other lives such as farming animals to give life for us.

M; If I were a farmer I could not kill my animals….

F; You say so….we need to be given other life as food, otherwise we’ll die in hunger.

M; I think being selfish will kill themselves in the end.

F; I can’t deny it but..,.

Dangerous poultry

M; This is a good topic about Keiji Tanaka who didn’t get a medal nor in the award list of a figure skater at the PyeongChang Olympic.

F; He is the third man of the male team Japan, much inferior to the other two.

M; Yes, no one cares nor praise him about his result.

F; I thought another Japanese athlete Mura would make better race.

M; But you’re wrong! According to this article he did a great work to let them( Hanyu and Yuno) have relax and easy in the tensions.

F; I understand he gave good supports as well as doing his best performance.

M; He knew how to behave and manage himself to get along in a team.

F; Oh…I see he was a key man to get medals for Japan.

M; So we have to give him great applause, big hand! 👏

No one praised him but…

P; What did you feel when you had won the gold medal?

K; I was on the top of the world and couldn’t see anything around me .

P; You might have been lots of pressure, might not?

K; I had a steady confidence to win the 500m track race. So I’m very relieved to have prove it.

P; what’s about the race?

k; I could keep concentrating and made my best. I’m very satisfied and happy to have the record 36 seconds’ score.

P; Have you convinced the gold medal just after the race?

K; Well…I could give up if I couldn’t win by this record.

P; Who do you want to share your victory with?

K; My parents….my father had sent me a mail when I had gone to Netherlands…, it had said

” Make your dream come true until your heart content because your life is a gift from God.”

It encouraged me and it made what I am.

The press interview

A message from her father