Tomoko Fujiya said on TV

“Enjoy yourself even though being unhappy you can learn something important.”

It hit my attention and made me up a good conversation between good old friends.

T = Tomoko, H = Hina

T; Hi, Hina! You’ve grown up so nice!

I heard you’re now in a hard situation in caring for your grandma.

H; Thank you dear, I’m trying and doing my best. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you worried about me.

T; I know you’re always dedicated girl for anything you are heading for. It’s good of you having goodness in your life but..,you don’t work too much for the aim, just relax.

I need to talk to you one thing

“Enjoy yourself even though being unhappy”

H; Thank you for the words. I will keep it and try to do my best!

T; Don’t try too much of yourself not working so hard, I told you.

H; Okay, I’m all right.

T; I’m sure you can learn something important! Enjoy unhappiness!

H; I’ll get it! Thank you…., I’m now feeling happy!

Enjoy unhappiness


Today I introduce a conversation between the son and the mom at the Buddha covered with snow in Takaoka. The son’s funny talk hit mom’s laughter so much. On Twitter on Sunday.

S = son, M = mother

S; Look! The Buddha is wearing white shirt and a cap as if he’s serving school lunch.

M; What are you talking about? Let see…

S; Don’t you think he takes a turn of serving lunch this week in the class, do you?

M; It’s just Buddha covered with snow but you say so.., it looks like what you are saying….LOL

S; It’s so funny if the Buddha works for lunch time.

M; You’re so cool to have such an interesting picture of the Buddha! It makes me great laughter. Thank you.

The Buddha wears a snow cap

I got inspired very much by the article yesterday.

The hump-back whale kept the diver away from the shark to save her. It really impressed and made me enough to imagine a conversation between them.

(W; whale, D; diver)

W; Hi, I know you dear. You’ve been working for us to save in the ocean, haven’t you?

D; Hello, hon! Love to meet you here.

W; Well, it seems dangerous for you to swim around here.

D; I’d rather like to swim with you here.

W; Sure… but you’d better cautious for the enemy coming close to you.

D; For what?

W; I can see a killer shark approaching to you.

D; Oh, thanks I owe you a lot.

W; Not at all, you should ride me and I’ll get you to the boat.

D; Okay, I’ll follow you.

W; You’re always a good girl.

D; You’re definitely a great saver for me!

W; I’ll do my best my dear friend.

D; I’ll always love you, too.

A 4t hump-back whale 🐳 came close to the diver and swam together friendly. The diver is an oceanographer who has been protecting hump-back whales which had been decreased. It was not sure if the whale knew her but he tried to keep her away from the dangerous killer shark approaching to her. He kicked and let her ride his back and took her back to the boat.

It was very wonderful moment! She replied to his love ” I love you, too! “❤️

Amazing action to protect the diver

It’s 12th in January but at the beginning of the class it’s not too late for the New Year’s resolution. What’s yours? I’d like to hear that. Before it, let’s have a look of the conversation between Ken and Amy.

Ken; I’m now brand new. I have a big dream this year.

Amy; what’s it ?

K; It’s a secret. What’s your resolution this year, Amy?

A; Nothing special…I hope to ride a bike by myself.

K; That’s nice. I wish I could but for me it’s no use to ride a bike, instead I want to fly.

A; You want to fly? How can you fly without wings?

K; I have no wings but I would like to wear feathers to make me fly in the sky.

A; It’s so surprising to hear….what makes you to think so?

K; No reason but I have a friend Miss Flamingo. She flies very gorgeous and

beautiful. I promised her to fly in the sky together.

A; Are you sure? It’s hard to say that you’ll never able to fly but you can ride a plane.

K; I’m not going to give up easily. I’ll try to do my best until my dream comes true.

A; Ken, I’ll always by your side but this case won’t be possible to tell the truth.

K; I’m not an idiot and follow my heart.

A; I have no idea just hope you’re fine in the end.

K; Thank you, I’m all right.

I’ve not often seen a doctor for myself except a dentist. But I’ve not cured hives for months even though caring food to eat every day. So I finally try to go to Dermatology Clinic yesterday. The doctor said hives can’t be found the causes which raised in my body and alarm health. If I don’t take any pills the hives will never cured nor eat anything which might arises hives.

I hate being patient for stopping eating fish or drinking alcohol something special. I give up and take medicine for hives.

It’s the same for allergy blocker. I need to take medicine for 2weeks.

By the way I don’t often go to see the doctor nor getting medicine. The previous years when I got the prescription paper book I never used and into trash. I don’t want to keep the book when I go to see a doctor and pharmacy so I try to use electronic medicine paper book this time. It will never be lost as long as I take the phone and check the list of the medicine. But there’re lots of applications in the store. It took me hours to take the right one into my phone. I did trials and errors to have the convenient electronic medicine paper book. It’s easy to take a photo of QR code and onto the app. It describes the prescriptions and clinic and pharmacy.

It’s going to be on the cloud by my device.

Managing paper book