It’s really an interesting issue about life. We can’t know how to end the life but at least want how to finish own life, no pain, no struggle and happy ending. Isn’t it a dream?

How to •••

How to ••• well


It’s about a life of having hard job to care after three people at the same time, her daughter, mother and father.

But she never gave up and got over difficulties to give her love and energy to them. She wrote her efforts and get her life back. Now it’s reviewed as a movie “The miracle cards”. I’d like to watch it someday. But it’s no schedule to show in Toyama so far. It’s a pity.

The miracle cards

It’s a breathtaking moment that a kitten lost at the road which is busily cars going. A woman on the bike found it on the road and saved the kitten safely. The kitten was escaped from the danger. It’s an awesome moment!

But I don’t know why she wore camera on her helmet though…LOL.

A hairbreadth rescue

It’s not autumn but still lots of autumnal taste. It’s introduced how to cook one of the autumn food, sweet potato.

It’s easy to cook in the rice cooker. You don’t have to watch it just set it in it. While you’re doing other works it cooks very well!

Season taste

It’s interesting that research in Sweden.

It’s saying owning dogs helps physical and mental health because of high level activity and social community with dogs are more beneficial than not having dogs. But it’s only proved in Sweden where being very cold especially in winter staying with them at home not other different countries.

I also remember that hairy ones are more comfortable in cold season so I’ve heard that pets industry sales are prosperous in winter…., is that why?

Reduce the risk to die

When it begins to be cold I’m feeling to eat curry noodle ” curry udon”. I used to go to the curry lunch restaurant “Breeze” which is known to the small number of people around the city area. But it’s an easy lunch kitchen like fast food restaurants.

This shop’s started to serve curry noodle since last year. I love to eat it and warm myself with spicy and deep taste. But the staff says the curry noodle is more popular in summer than winter….oh, it’s not my case. I didn’t feel like eating in summer though. It’s my boom in winter!