M; Oh….it’s a pity that wild raccoon dogs have disease of their skin.

F; What happens to them ?

M; They are said to have infected skin disease by mites.

F; Oh…sorry for them to have no hair.

M; But it’s so serious that wild animal infected disease by mites should appear in the village or human areas. It might cause the second disease to pets and humans.

F; Yeah….it’s said that mites caused serious infections not only for animals but humans.

M; We should be careful wearing sleeves and long pants to hike in the woods because wild infected animals might be dropping mites here and there.

F; Also don’t let pets free in the wild woods not to be caught by bad mites.

Strange animal


M; I sometimes heard about pity creatures in the ocean had shallowed plastic garbages and made the fatal accidents.

F; The other day there appeared a dead whale which had plastic in its stomach.

M; Yeah….it happens that man made disaster causes lots of pollutions in the ocean as well as in the air and in all the ecological system.

F; We’re one of the victims as well.

M; So we need to be responsible to remove pollution and clean the earth!

F; I read about super powerful enzyme which eat plastic garbage.

M; I hope it will solve the problems with plastic garbage.

Plastic garbage

M; It’s announced getting warmer from next week and during golden week.

F; Oh….it seems summer comes fast in May.

M; Yeah, it seems like that.

F; We need to change clothes quickly!

M; Not only wearing but also floor carpet and blanket.

F; I’ll take off Kotatsu and warm carpet.

M; I’ll plant some summer vegetables.

F; It seems very busy holiday.

Warm week

M; It’s so tiring to think menu every day, isn’t it?

F; Yes…., I want to skip to cook once a week.

M; That’s why house wives like to go out lunch to seek for new recipes, right?

F; I like to be served like a queen 👸🏻

M; Hope we’d have cooking robot to help us.

Good recip

It was yesterday morning…

M; I’m feeling well this morning.

F; So what makes you that?

M; Maybe I’m filled with oxytocin, which is called happy hormone.

F; Wow….what did you eat last night?

M; I ate grilled eggplant with green pepper and red paprika. Pork sauté. Pumpkin soup with soy milk. Salad of lettuce, broccoli, sour onion and tomato.

F; Good combination, isn’t it?

M; Actually, I ate broccoli after a while because it had been expensive. But I bought it by ¥138 on sale. I was happy 😃

F; Oh….broccoli made you feel happy?

M; I don’t know 🤔 but I also had a good dream when I woke up as long as remember.

F; Good food, good dream and you’re happy.

M; That’s right.

F; I see…when I woke up from bad dream I might feel bad all day long.

M; We need to eat well, having good sleep and good dreams.

Dreamed a dream

M; Why do you know swallows make nests under the roof of stations?

F; Yeah….I saw them where people often come and go through. Public toilets in the park I saw some. They like to be protected by enemies.

M; Do you like seeing them?

F; Of course I do. But it seems having problems.

M; That’s right. Some are removed because of dirty mute.

F; It’s very annoying….I understand.

M; The bird research are giving mute catcher each facilities to solve the problems.

F; Yeah…it’s a good idea.

Swallow nest

Lovely quotes

M; Hey, I’ve found some beautiful words to brighten you up and fulfill with happiness.

F; What are they?

M; Let see… the first one is

“ I just find myself happy with the simple things. Appreciating the blessings God gave me.”

by Earl Simmons

F; It seems like “ desire a little and knowing contentment much “

M; Happiness comes from the mind. How’s this?

“ Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.”

By Jenn Proske

F; Happiness is from beautiful mind, isn’t it?

M; Einstein said

“ Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

And Helen Keller said

“ Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

F; Oh….the great scientist(theoretical physicist)and the triple handicapped woman had the words.

M; Their view of life are very lovely to give us hope.

Which one do you like?