I picked up five black berries this morning. Before the heavy rain I could only one a week ago. I worried about those still green fruits might be damaged by the hit of the rain shower.  But I’m very relieved they’re almost okay and having babies.

I greeted to them and gave them fertilizer. Hopefully they grow up beautiful black diamonds and please me more. 

The expression by the president of the company made a confusion. It’s because the company was established in Toyama and brought up to the leading company now.

But the company leaves Toyama for Tokyo and the top said ” we’ll never adopt those who are native and brought up in Toyama even though they go to the other prefectures or graduated from the university out of Toyama because of the prefectural personality is closed.”

I think it’s a kind of prejudice and wrong statement. I hope the company should change it immediately by the president.

What’s wrong?

It brought me pretty gift this year, too. They’re showing red and turning black. It looks like precious jewel.

I like it to make into jam. But not so much. I still keep them frozen from last year. I’ll try them into jam before new harvest.