It’s announced that very cold weather called ” General Winter ” has come this winter. The weather forecaster is giving explanation about the phenomenon of this winter.

La Niña is said to affects global weather instead of El Niño which is named after Spanish around the East Pacific Ocean area below the equator when its temperature gets lower.

So we’d better care about the coldness in this season than ever.

Extreme cold weather


The Great Barrier Reef, the largest living structure on Earth, is reeling from an unprecedented second-straight year of coral bleaching because of warming sea temperatures linked to climate change.

In a project they hope could restore damaged ecosystems around the world, coral bred in one part of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was successfully transplanted into another area, Australian scientists said.

It’s a great trial to save the world treasure.

To save the Coral Reef

To save Coral Reef Japanese

They like to judge which one is better or superior than other one. It’s somehow important to generalize to know the evidences but it’s only a theory and a part with exceptions.

This research is one of those that dogs are wiser than cats. I think it’s true but not always true. Some cats are much wiser and cleverer than dogs.

Dogs are generally loyal and tamed to the owners. While cats are more independent and going own way. It’s not showing which is wiser.

Which is wiser?

It was a beautiful day and good to walk in the town. It’s so wonderful to see the color and the bathing in the sun. It was one of the valuable fine days in this winter season. It seems no fine day after for a week according to the weather forecast.

I think good weather makes me bright and feel appreciate to live. It’s important to get the benefit from the nature.

I visited unique cafes yesterday. As it was a long waited beautiful day I couldn’t help going on a drive to the east. For the first I visited a hammock cafe Amaca which is newly opened. But it was full with customers and needed to wait for a long time. So I gave up there just watching inside.

Then I found another unique old folk house which has a cafe inside. It was having traditional Japanese Sake brewery about 10 years before. They renovated the second flor and made an antique cafe called “Ocean Blue Color”. There were also many customers inside but I could take the counter seat which can be seen the blue ocean from the picture window.

There was a harp live and herb tea was

” Butterfly pea tea ” which turns from ocean blue to purple when it put lemon syrup. It was marvelous!

I enjoyed afternoon tea a lot.

Harp live, Butterfly pea tea

If you have pills on your sweater what do you try to remove them?

Recently I actually seldom wear wool sweater so less find pills in my clothes. But some wool jackets might have ones.

This is a new good idea “the secret trick” to remove pills easily introduced on twitter. Many people have made it 👍

The secret trick