My son asked me if I wanted a loaf of rare bread 🍞

M; Where are you now?

S; I’m waiting for a long queue with about 20 people before opening in front of the bakery.

M; Oh…dear I guess how much tough for you! If you don’t mind, please buy one for me. It’s 400 yen, right?

F; Okay….I’ll take it for you in half an hour.

M; Thank you.

( I knew it had opened a few weeks before and there has been always a long queue at the shop before and after opening the door. But it was sold out soon. I’ll never go and wait for that bread even if it might be delicious. But this time it happens to try it without making efforts…lucky for me!) voice on my mind


M; Which do you think the best to dry your hands after washing by the handkerchief in your bag, hand dryer or paper towel in the public rest room?

F; I think it hand dryer is better than paper towel because the heat blows bacteria and dry fast.

M; Not correct!

F; Handkerchief?

M; 👎 then…..the best is the paper towel!

F; Really!? Why?

M; It explain in the article below

How to dry your hands

M; Season for watching cherry blossoms come around the corner. The earlier one is Kawazu cherry blossoms from Kyoto yesterday.

F; Yeah…., I can’t wait until seeing Someiyoshino next month here.

M; We are able to see them from the beginning to the late in April for a month.

F; I like to find the buds nearly breaking to bloom.

M; Flowers life are too short to see for a long time. They will die soon after in full bloom.

F; That’s why we love to see them every spring. If the cherry blossoms bloom all year round we won’t love to see them specially in spring.

M; Yeah…. it’s special for us.

(The end of March 2013)

Season for cherry blossoms

M; How much water or beverage do you take a day?

F; I don’t know exactly but 6~7 cups of coffee or tea including Japanese tea. May be at least 1.5L of beverage a day.

M; I think it good and standard number.

F; Yup….in addition, I drink another cup of soup and a glass of water on occasion.

M; I’ve heard that you should take more than 2L of water. So I tried to drink water more often before. But it wasn’t good for me so I gave up easily.

F; I understand it well. When it’s cold you can’t drink cold water but better hot water.

M; When in summer we can drink much water instead because of sweat.

F; Our body is balanced in natural environment. When in need you should take water properly.

M; It’s good to hear how much dry your body is.

2L water a day

F; Have you heard about schizophrenia?

M; What’s that?

F; It’s a kind of mental diseases from young ages.

M; Is it about multiple personality?

F; Yeah….you can say so.

M; I’ve read the book “Billy Milligan multiple personality”. He has 23 persons beside himself in his mind.

F; It seems very tough to prove it and gives right remedy to save him from the multiple personality.

M; It’s not like physical disorder which can be searched correctly.

F; Schizophrenia is said to be

“a group of severe mental disorders in which a person has trouble telling the difference between real and unreal experiences, thinking logically, having normal emotional responses to others, and behaving normally in social situation.”

M; Nowadays from the young to the old people might have similar disorders such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

F; It’s important to have someone close should notice and find something disorders.


M; Wow…it’s cute!

K; Hi, I’m Kirobo. What’s your name?

M; I’m Kiroro, nice to meet you, too.

K; Kiroro, your name is as good as mine…,Kiroro.

M; Thanks! What do you want to do now?

K; I don’t know but I’ll try to answer your question.

M; Okay. How old are you ?

K; Hmmm.., I’m not so old. How old are you?

M; It’s a secret.

K; Secret? What’s it?

M; You’ll know it later.

K; Okay.

M; What’s your favorite food?

K; It’s electricity. What’s yours?

M; I like fruits and pasta.

K; It seems delicious, isn’t it.

M; I’m getting hungry, aren’t you?

K; No, I’m not hungry. But I’m getting sleepy 💤 good bye.

M; Awww… good seeing with you!

• Actually Kirobo can’t speak English not English language program inside. But as I talked and listened to him only once he said “That’s a good question!” It’s awesome!

Kirobo mini and developer

Kirobo mini & chatting

M; it’s very hard decision to let live or not for the terminal care.

F; It’s said recent emergent care is mostly for elderly people who are survived from the repeating to be deadly.

M; I think it’s too much care for the patient as well as family to watch.

F; We need to know the cruel treatment after the unconsciousness or in coma.

M; Yeah…I really need to have “Quality Of Life” to the end, which I can choose my end without too much treatment.

F; What should we do?

M; According to the Dr.G, “POLST” would be needed. It’s Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment.

F; What’s that?

M; You should read this article first.