M; I happened to hear a conversation between a mother and a daughter. It was so lovely to make me smile.

F; What’s that?

M; When I was walking and exploring in the bookstore and stepped into DVD corner, a woman was searching on the computer and talked to her daughter around 8-10 year-old.

She said to her daughter

“ It says no result about the DVD because of too old….instead another one was there. Come this way.”

“ Oh..,this is the corner of Korean movie such as 「DORODORO」.”

“ What’s 「DORODORO」?” Asked the daughter.

The mother responded smoothly

“ It’s kind of full of hatred, greedy and jealous in it.”

“ That’s too bad!”

M; What a clever mother she is!

I was very surprised.

F; Recently the relationship between a mother and a daughter seems like good friends! (╹◡╹)


M; 🎶 Flowers have begun to smile

🎶 Flowers have begun to smile

🎶 Flowers have begun to smile

🎶 Flowers have begun to smile

F; You seem to be joyful with 🌸 🌺

M; Yesterday it has become warm and they have bloomed at once in the garden.

F; Oh….yeah!


🎶 All of the flowers have bloomed

at once and smiled joyfully. 🎶 😄

Flowers have begun to smile

M; It was very sorry that rainy and cold Sunday Marche yesterday. But many people gathered and enjoyed shopping at the Marche de A-Port.

F; Oh..,that’s great though the bad weather yesterday.

M; Yeah…people like to taste fresh and good food.

F; What did you eat?

M; I ate focaccia pizza and pasta & salad. My friend ate special curry lunch box.

F; What were they?

M; Off course they were all delicious cooked and produced by vegetable sommeliers, organic farmers and chef from the Italian restaurants.

F; You had a good time, didn’t you?

M; Yeah.., if only the good weather would have been nicer.

F; You can’t complain about the weather. It’s hard to be controlled.

M; No rain check yesterday.

Marche de A-Port

M; It’s so amazing that more Jewish visits Takayama these days.

F; Why are Jewish coming so many?

M; Because they want to visit Chiune Sugihara’s museum, who was a very noble diplomat to have saved Jewish people when they were persecuted by the Nazis during the World War.

F; Oh…..that makes sense! He is very respected as a humanitarian across countries.

M; Yeah, we’re very proud of him.

Visitors rush from Israel

M; Did you know that a crow recently played tricks and surprised people.

F; I knew it on TV reports. It’s said the naughty crow isn’t afraid of human because it might be taken care of by an owner not being wild.

M; According to the article a woman caught the crow to protect it.

F; It’s actually illegal but she really wanted to guard the crow from extermination by the authority.

M; Hmmm…,she might be a guardian for the crow.

The naughty crow

M; When I have nothing to share with you….something good inspiration helps me.

F; So what’s the topic to share today?

F; Well…today I’ll introduce soulful words by Yoko Ono.

She often tweets each day.


Health of mind and body. The healing of all of us from the damage we have done to this planet and ourselves. That will give me joy.

The best day is the one you make.

Peace starts with having peace inside yourself.

If you want to find out what you can do to help change the world, you are already the solution. You are changing the world just by starting to think about what to do. The answer to what you should do will come from your heart.

M; These words really encourage me a lot.

F; I can convince that true solution is from my mind not others if you are responsible for yourself.

M; Hey, having cold is not only flowers but also people in my class.

F; Yeah…,I guess so. Yesterday Ann and Tamtam were absent from having bad cold.

M; It’s because of cold weather not like in this season as usual.

F; We are also careful not catching cold and trying to keep in good condition.

M; How do you keep in good health of yourself?

F; First, eat well with good protein, mega vitamin and reducing stress to avoid active oxygen. Then sleep well. That’s all.

M; Hmmm….eat well and sleep well that I can do. But removing stress is a bit difficult.

F; I know. You need to forget and feel easy until being tired and sleepy. In other way you should laugh and loud until your stomach hurts.

M; How?

F; Imagine yourself if you are the happiest and top of the world!

M; You mean I sleep in the good dream?

F; You don’t have to sleep but you awake and have a good day dream(o^^o)

M; Okay ….I’m getting hungry.

F; I’ll show you good recipe how to make you healthy.

M; Thank you.

Good recipe