I met a book “making garden enjoying with weeds” by a gardener. It’s really meaningful for me like a bible. When I felt tired of weeding plants in the garden, this book explains how to live along with many kinds of plants which they live and lived. It says there is nothing useless among plants existence. They have each very iimportant role but humans just think they’re useless for themselves. The weeds have different roles such as tendency in the acid soil or alkaline one. They choose to stay the status and make soil into neutralization. It makes rich soil to bear living things in the natural food balance. Never use chemical pesticide, instead using natural herb or bicarbonate to grow the soil because every life circulate to go back into the ground and give birth new life.I’m trying to cut tall weeds by the cutter twice a year or pull by hands. It’s very hard but sometimes fun early in the morning.

In the middle of summer holiday I’m loose and tension free. So something need to train brain with some quizes.

I’ll give you one of these today.


“What sport do grandchildren play with their grandfather?”

In this quiz you need to think it in Japanese because it’s Japanese riddle.

There’re some great Kenji. Kenji Miyazawa is a soul poet in Japan who was humble, decent and noble. Kenji Sawada is a singer and W Kenji is a comedian….

This Kenji who I’m introducing is Japanese Colombian the most famous Japanese in Colombia. I happened to watch the program about him on TV yesterday.

I’m sorry it’s a long video but it was really to know ” Great Japanese Kenji” makes us proud.

Great Kenji

It’s been alarmed for a long time the typhoon Noru slowly proseeding over Japan mainland. Until early morning around 3:00 I noticed no rain no wind very quiet outside. I woke up around 6:00 am it was raining but not so heavy. I’m relieved the violent typhoon is gone just keeping raining over our area.

I’m sorry so many people got damages and devastated by the strong typhoon. 

I heard that Yoko Ono got aged disease such as demential a few months ago. It’s been natural that many old people live longer than ever and getting aged problems.

But it’s reported Yoko and Sean will appear on tv next week. It’s ” Family History”. I’m very excited to watch it. I have to set reminder of it.

The family history