My pet dog Marie is 14-year-old. She liked walking on and on before but now only for several minutes around the neighborhood.

She likes to see her friend Goku, he’s 12-year-old. He also likes to see Marie and love each other💕

It’s very happy moment.


It’s a new way to hear to wash your hair without any shampoo but only by hot water. According to the article, it keeps your head skin and hair healthy. 

If you worry about the smell without shampoo you can solve it by brushing and combing before washing by soft products.

As getting old our skin is getting weak so we need to protect ourselves from chemical things.

What do you think?

How to wash hair

I went to the movie cafe “Hotoriza” to watch the off road movie “Les Innocentes”.

It was very serious based on real life of a French female doctor at the end of WWII at the Polish abbey in Poland.

I really wanted to watch it but it was not broadcasted on any other major theaters.

Hotoriza is to release it from yesterday once a day for a couple weeks.

It was also for the first time to visit KARVAN which offers rice bread cafeteria. I ate lunch plate with coffee for ¥1,200. Rice bread is very good. I like it very much.

Les Innocentes

Are you all right?
It’s very understanding to read the article that ” Are you all right?” and ” I’m all right” in Japanese are being used differently recently.  I noticed among young people  who are working as a clerk in a convenience store or  at a restaurant.

For example, 

C;   ” Are you all right not having paper bag?” 

M;  ” That’s OK.” 

I think it’s not strange in English but when translating into Japanese directly a little strange. It’s natural to say to change into Japanese, 

C;  ” Do you want a paper bag?”

M; ” No thank you.”

In the other case, 

M; ” I’m sorry to have made the table dirty, would you clean it?”

C;  ” All right.”

Foe natural Japanese is,

C;  ” No proble.”

C; clerk, M; me

I’m getting clear it as wrighting this note which I had been had in my mind why ” All right” is being used differently.

I found another reason! It’s how to change from English to Japanese! It sometimes caused to make influences in the conversation. 

What do you think?

It was very cool and mild in autumnal day yesterday. Being comfortable to walk and I was watching flowers here and there in my neighborhood. They also seem enjoying short day and gentle sunlight. We are healed by their elegance. Thanks for season flowers every year!