Comfortable direction 4

It’s reported about pain if you chronically have in your body. According to this report the pain is memorized in your brain and suspended in the  neurotransmitter.

Actually we feel pain when it gets hurt or damaged by the sickness or the accidents. Even if it’s recovered our memory still remains pain afterward to prevent the next disaster.

I think it’s good suggestion to know the CD4 (Comfortable direction 4) and start from the painless physical exercises to forget pains.



Comfortable direction 4」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    Today is beautiful day😍😆😄
    I don’t have backache but I get stretch of back exercises every day.
    One day, once, one minute so I havea stoop🐱
    CD4 is good exercises.
    EveryWhere, any time, and easy.
    Take care of yourself




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