English at elementary school

Ministry of Education announces English at elementary school curriculums. It says that stars from the year 2020 when Tokyo Olympic will be held. Students at the 3d grade in 3 years will join the program as preparing for Junior High School English. I hope Japanese won’t be shy enough to use and speak English in the world.

English at elementary school


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  1. Good morning☀
    I think it good idea so listening comprehension became good for early start.
    But recently student’s read and solve ability was weak📖
    They speak strange Japanese but good speak i English⁉


  2. Good moning. Today the sun is warm and nice weather.
    I longed that I wish I could speak English. I think that it is wunderfu to acguire English that my grandchildren can talk about.
    I also want to make efforts tobe able to speak in English.


    1. Yeah…languages are a kind of tool to express what you want to say. So if you really want to make it, keep trying until you’re good at it. I think it important to begin the communication skill for the first time.




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