Magical shake

I happened to know that shaking in a bottle makes fantastic processed food which you can eat with…

(Something …?1) put into plastic bottle and shake it for lesss than 10 minutes until steady. It will make ( another one ?2) 

What are these?


Magical shake」への5件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁⛅
    Milk into butter
    I made it long ago
    It’s natural taste and safe
    By the way
    I ate yogoshi from fried’s radish
    It’s delicious🎶💗
    Radish is very good player❗
    Grated daikon – Oden – tukemono etc.
    I will eat Chinese cabbage so today is cold😱Nabe is the best❗❗


    1. You’re almost right but not exactly…for something 1
      It’s very nostalgic cook “yogoshi” by fried radish …I remember my grandmother used to cook it.



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