Happy New Year

Good bye 2016 and hello to 2017.

What are you going to do this year even though we are not knowing what will be, what will be.

I still believe it’s the key to make a wish at the first of the year and keep it to the end of the year…but I almost forget it so I write it down and watch it each time.

This year’s resolution is 3S….I’m looking forward to exchanging each other later soon.


Happy New Year」への7件のフィードバック

  1. Happy New Year🌹
    Good morning ☔
    I visited Usaka Shrine with my husband.
    No snow no wind no cold.
    This year is good year❗
    Your osech are traditional Japanese dishes and cute arrange right box 🔡⬜b white dish very beautiful🎶
    Rice cake is delicious🎶💗
    But I am careful of overeat😱



    1. I luckily got kaburazushi from a dear friend just finished arranging osechi. I was going to put Kamaboko but much better kaburazushi than it! I was very happy! Now at lunch I’m going to take it and eat with my small family.


  2. Happy New Year
    I visited Simomura Kamo Shrine and Houzyohatiman Shrine with myson and his bride .
    Then we visitedand Kitokito Market and Sinnminato big Bridge.
    It was clouded today and did not see the Tateyama mountain.
    This year I want to see a lot of movies without dubbing.
    I saw “Alice in Wonderland” the other day. I can’t understand that without subtitles.
    But I think that I should be able to hear it a little .
    I continue the reading aloud ” The Fall of Freddie the leaf”
    i’m getting love Freddie.


  3. Sorry I made mistakes so take another try. I’m very moved with your great passion to Freddie this year, too! I’m really glad to hear and looking forward to seeing you soon!


  4. Happy new year!
    What wonderful osechi ! Kagamimochi orange,too.
    I made kaburazushi ozouni end datemaki .
    I ate with two grand-children families.
    And a family started to fly for USA.
    I was very very tired.
    I hope to see you at next class.




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