Start from Hakone

Every annual event Hakone Ekiken is one of my favorite one. Yesterday New Year Ekiken was also the first one, there can be seen lots of familiar star athletes from Hakone. Hattori Toyota and Shitara Honda  were Toyo university, Kamino Konikaminorta was Aoyama, Murayama brothers Asahikasei were Komazawa and Josai and so on. I’m very moved with their high potential relay the sash. My New Year days start from Hakone and thank them for giving me much motivation for the new year.

Hakone Ekiden


Start from Hakone」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    You forgot than Mr.Imai.
    He is the originator「Got of Mountain」
    After that he can’t active but I am cheering for him😄
    Today I am cheering all team
    Good Luck❗❕❗❕


    1. Oh…I didn’t talk about him because he is much older and kind of veteran having attended Olympic, right? I know that he is the power of Kyushu Toyota only 2 second later than the record of Ichida who ran dead heat with him.


  2. Thank you 😆very much😍
    I’m happy to have know him
    Enjoy EKIDEN🎶

    (*^▽^*)(*^ー^)ノ♪( ☆∀☆)



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