New Year Quiz

Quiz. What’s this?

1. Wherever you go follow you after     Answer; shadow

2. You can get it every year for free A; age

3. Differences of people each other A; personality 

4. Traditional Japanese fish cake    A; kamaboko

5. Edible just look like human brain   A; walnut 


New Year Quiz」への5件のフィードバック

    1. Thank you for your answer! 1to 3 are OK. 4 and 5 are not my answer.
      These are not always right answers but what you guess and think. My answer will be shown later.


  1. I’m busy so I needed to ready breakfasts for three grandchildren👩👯👦🍚🍞☕🍳
    At last finished clear the table
    We’ll have a home work(@_@;)(?_?)(;>_<;)



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