Winter work

It was very strange weather yesterday. The weather forecast was rainy but it was fine and warm in the morning. So I quickly made up my mind to work in the garden. I supposed to cut dahlia and keep it in the warmth. It’s said new sprout will appear from the joint so I made it cut into pieces.

Then rain suddenly started on my head, I couldn’t keep going. But it began to stop raining and became sunshine after half an hour. 

I tried to do some different works; bury some in the ground, put into small pot and keep in the water vase. There are some works to make live dahlia in winter. I don’t know what it will be.


Winter work」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    How good job❗❗
    I was general cleaning second floor yesterday and bathroom🛀now.
    By the way
    You are grandma oftwo grandchildren👦👦or👦👧⁉
    Have a nice day😍😆😄


  2. Your dahlia was really strong.
    And what a big stem.
    Therefore such a wonderful flower bloomed.
    In next spring, the dahlia should appear a sprout again.
    I clean up flowerpots ,and clean kitchen too.
    The end of the year is always busy.



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