Great Japanese

It’s a documentary video of a Japanese researcher who contributes to revive the lost Japanese native forest. He thinks that wolves worked a lot for the nature but Japanese exterminated them at all.

The man is Yasuo Kuwahara.  He learned how the food chain in the nature is important in the woods. He says wolves should be the top of the chain food. He works hard breeding wolves and making efforts for the dreams come true.

Great Japanese
The forest of wolves


Great Japanese」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ⛅
    He is great wolf’sfather❗
    We misunderstand ourselves
    We are member of living creature in earth.
    Natural providence.
    I think What I can for another living things.


    1. It’s impossible for me to protect that huge forest and great nature. He’s one of the crazy passionate pioneers! I hope he’ll be admired by many supporters.



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