Good at ….

Are you good at organizing ? Or good at cooking ?

Both are the best but neither is the worst. 

If you are good at organizing you’re a very good worker to know what’s important or less important. Cleaning, filing and throwing away are something efficient skills. The shortest way to clean up your space is to throw useless things away right now.

If you are good at cooking you’re absolutely having good life. It’s because cooking and eating well bring us pleasure and happiness.

Please make sure and check your home.

Good at ….


Good at ….」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    Todayis cool ❕
    But It’s refreshing morning🎃
    I can’t decide mystery good at organizing or good at cooking
    But children have dust allergy came my house they are not a symptom of allergy
    My friends say 「You are good at cooking」
    Of course they say compliment
    Half and half,?



    1. Even though compliment you think you have good friends to praise you…,I think your friends are honest and you must be good at cooking! It’s said being good at comes from enjoying and feeling happy.



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