Supporter of stray Wan and Nyan

Sumire chan is saved and cared from the fatal accident hit by train and lost left two legs. She can now walk by right two legs.

This article says that without the help of association helping stray dogs and cats she would have lost her life.

I know it’s very tough to save and live with sick pets. I had once to have saved my loved one 7 days 24 hours for 4 years until she had got 16 year old. When my dog Nao was 12 years old and had serious disease. The vet advised me to give her sleep forever. But I refused, instead I started to make her revive by using any ways. That’s why I got moved by those activities.

Now I remember what I did desperately. I had wrote about it. I will tell you if I had a chance.

Wan Nyan network

Lived with Nao


Supporter of stray Wan and Nyan」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☔
    Sumire chan
    She is cute and fight she’s way
    People want to have a dog
    But they havenot the end of dogs life sometimes
    I have a dog name is NANA
    She treat her ears on Saturday
    You’re dog she is happy
    I wish dog spend happy life


    1. I’m glad you’re also a dog person🐶 Actually I takes my dog Marie to see the vet every month and get treatment such as oral care brushing teeth, ear, nail cat, anal sac cleaning. It costs much but it’s my responsibility.



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