Autumn gift 3

It was a fine autumn day yesterday. Good to walk around and saw beautiful things near here. One is a flower gift, red spider lily was showing colorfully at the bank as usual.

The other one is carps in the river very magnificent. They’re both natural pleasure.


Autumn gift 3」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    Red spider lily is beautiful
    White spider lily is beautiful too
    I remember song so I look this flower

    Momoechan sing


  2. ‘Higanbana’ is beautiful.
    It’s named from ‘Higanbana’ because It bloom around the autumnal equinox.
    Today was hot,but recently it became cool .
    I feel autumn from cool wind and voice of insect.
    Now, I hear voice of insect from outside of the window.



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