Snake on the armrest

I was very surprised at the news that there was a snake on the armrest in the bullet train “Nozomi” yesterday. A lady found it and let them know. The express made a temporary stop at the station which was not scheduled.

If I met in such a case I would not feel to take a train anymore. The news made me very uneasy and uncomfortable. Is it something mischievous?

Snake on the arm set


Snake on the armrest」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning.
    It is uncomfortable news. Snake is scary!😫😱😖

    I will take the ‘kagayaki’ train in October.
    What should I do…?!
    If the same thing happened!!


      1. Yes😰
        But I coward!
        Scary even to check!

        I saw just now the news on TV.
        It was good that the injured person is not.


      2. I don’t think the snake itself could get on the train….so someone let it mischievous. If so…it’s the end of world! The worst one😫


  2. Good morning☀
    Elaphe quadrivigata hasnot
    But I feel sick
    I guess bag or box put on outside and snake into that,?
    I misunderstood too😁




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