Sugar or Salt? That’s a question

M; The great scholar of English literature and writer Shigehiko Toyama refers to the recent problem among young leaders.

F; Is he famous for the bestseller book

”How to manage your thoughts”. I’ve read his books very often.

M; Yeah, his logical and clear description is good enough to understand but it seems easy but hard to do.

F; It’s kind of that you hardly understand unless you can’t do it.

M; It’s true! Knowledge is different from real intelligence. It’s important to try and make mistakes and learn to master something by yourself.

F; You can say that big head doesn’t work well if you run fast.

M; Hahaha 😆….I need more muscle on my feet!

Sugar or Salt?


Sugar or Salt? That’s a question」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    We need these balance.

    It’s difficult.
    「An armchair theorist」
    It’s our school days.

    M:yes,we filld our brain with knowledge.

    That spilled from brain❗now.

    M:OH, we have a lot of spaces.
    Let’s try something.😆


  2. F: A little children seems to accumulate knowledge by experience.

    M: Hmm, even if I look at my grandchildren, I think so.

    F: Wow! (; _ 😉 Thunder rumbling!

    M: Incidentally, Mr. Franklin is also an experiment side, isn’t he?


  3. I agree and think the experience is very important to get something new and real knowledge. If I learn how to use something through the experience l use it actually, my body will remember it without thinking. But without experience, I will soon forget it. So, the knowledge of real experience is deep in me, but it from books is shallow in me. So I think trying by myself is getting the real useful knowledge .


  4. F; The article of today’s blog shows very clearly to understand the relationship between knowledge and thought, doesn’t it?
    M; Yeah, I think so too. Though advances in science and technology have given tremendous benefits to people, I think there were aspects that impede thinking power. For example in my case,
    I forgot to write kanji or don’t examine in a dictionary because the writing of sentences by hand is replaced by PC.
    So, I make daily routine to copy the column of the newspaper by handwriting since a few months ago.

    By the way, today there was a Christmas meeting of my granddaughter’s nursery for grandfarther and grandmother.
    I participated with my wife and enjoyed early Christmas.



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