Christmas decoration

M; I like to choose the color green and red when it comes near Christmas season.

F; So you’re talking about the Christmas ornaments?

M; Yeah…but not so much! I don’t decorate Christmas tree nor tapestry of Christmas symbols. But I put Christmas card on the table sent by grandkids Jace and Emmie.

F; Oh…it’s a cute Christmas color and symbol.

M; I also put my craft orange on the round rice-cake🍊.

F; Oh…that’s funny Collaboration Christmas & New Year!


Christmas decoration」への5件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    M:Jen’s decoration is nice😆💝
    I decorated Christmas tree ,many ornament in room, wreath , reindeer and illumination outsid.🎄🎅✴✨

    F:you enjoy many kind of event.

    M:yes😄I made Jen’s 「kagami mochi」 but 🍊>ricecake

    F:fufufu😆so you😆

    By the way
    Your mother is wonderful❗😍
    So your care is great❗
    Please take care of you and your mother.


  2. F; Jen’s Christmas cards based on red, green and sky blue is very nice, isn’t it? And the handicraft works of New years decolation are also very wonderful.
    M; Yeah, they are very great! I am always impressed with her good sense.
    F; By the way, though there are three grandchildren in your house, do you decorate Christmas tree?
    M; No, my house don’t decorated it, but instead of Christmas tree, my wife is decorating every year a large quilted Christmas decoration made by her at the entrance. It makes the entrance of our house very luxurious.


  3. M: Today is Tuesday.

    F: Oh yes, it’s a 100-year old gymnastics day.

    M: We will have a Christmas party next week.

    F: That’s a nice plan.

    M: Our group gathers again this afternoon for preparation.

    By the way,
    Ms.Ann, Thank you for your kind comment.
    I’m always thankful to my mother.


  4. The Christmas card is very pretty 😊. And also the craft of Kagamimochi is very nice🤗. Jen, your hand is great indeed‼︎


  5. Christmas is coming up soon 🎄
    I am excited to see Christmas decorations ,but my children have grown up ✨✨
    Maybe I’ll send a Christmas card to someone,too!



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