M; Ca va?

F; Oui, ca va!

M; I’m not talking in French but about Japanese can of “Ca Va”.

F; Oh, I see. It’s very popular used for arranged cooking recently.

M; Do you know why it’s been so hot?

F; It’s cheap, easy to eat and tasty.

M; Yeah….but it’s getting expensive and lacking because of the high needs.

F; Sounds like that, since “CA VA” from “SABA”.

M; The brand image has risen up, hasn’t it?



CA VA?」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☔
    M:my husband favorite mackerel.
    Shioyaki, misoni and misoni.

    F:I like kaburazushi.
    I make it everyyear.

    M:I like that my friend made one.
    ( ☆∀☆)( 〃▽〃)


  2. F; Do you often eat fish?
    M; Yeah, main dish in my house is a fish dish about 2-3 times a week for dinner.
    F; How are fish cooked?
    M: We eat usually with grilled, fried or raw(sashimi).
    F; Do you eat fish canning, for example “Saba-kan”?
    M; No, though I had eaten “Saba-kan” when I was young and climbing mountain, I have never eaten it at usual meals.


  3. M: This year was “Saba” year.
    F: Oh yeah, many TV programs have reported about “Saba can”.
    M: I like raw “mackerel”.

    By the way,
    My mother has a contract with “Cable TV Toyama”.
    She likes old Jidaigeki.
    Today, she changed the cable of cable TV to “Hikari”.
    This can’t be canceled for 24 months.
    She said ” I had to see a Jidaigeki until 98 years old”.
    My mother is an amazing person.



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