The diamond ring in the pipe

M; Wow! It’s an amazing news that the diamond ring was found in the pipe which was slipped away from the finger to the waste water in the bathroom 9 years ago.

F; It’s one of the miracles to be found something important was found finally.

M; How much great joy more than the worth of the diamond because it was the present from her husband!

F; Lost and found gives back you great pleasure in your memory.

M; It sometimes happened to me when I found money in my old wallet.

F; It’s a gift from the past, isn’t it?

M; Oh…yeah! I’d like to make a gift to my future!

F; Don’t forget you have a time limit!

M; I can’t wait for a decade 😆!

The diamond ring in the pipe


The diamond ring in the pipe」への4件のフィードバック

  1. F; Can you believe this miracle?
    M; No, I could’t believe it mostly because the ring is small and light and I thought there are a very few possibility that it has stayed in the sewer pipe for 9 years.
    But, it was very good that the ring returned to her.
    In adition, I praises the strong persistence that Ms.Paula Stanton kept wishing to back the ring for 9 years .

    By the way, yesterday my younger grandson went to USJ of Osaka with his mothr at graduation trip of baseball team in two days and one night.
    This is last event for him at his baseball team.


  2. F: The love of her and her husband has stopped the ring.

    M: This news goes well with Christmas.(\ ^ ^ /)

    F: Do you have any Christmas presents?

    M: I will not celebrate Christmas, but I’m waiting for a conversation with my grandchildren on the Net.

    The end of this year is approaching.
    Everyone is busy!  I’m also busy! !


  3. Good evening🌃
    M:Ring came back after 9years.
    It’s miracle❗

    F:she is lucky❗😆

    M:we are lucky too😆
    We ate a lot of ricecake today😆

    F:yes,kinako,zenzai, pork miso soup.

    M:and back menu, choco mochi, yogoshi mochi.

    F:I’m sorry😓
    I didn’t eat there.



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