One plate meal

M; Recently I often see one plate lunch. It’s really easy to serve and catch each other.

F; I understand. Arranging different kinds of plates are annoying to clear the table as well as washing.

M; That’s why I’m using the same wide dish.

F; I use a tray and some plates on it. It’s easier to tidy up.

M; I like to find nice one plate lunch here and there!


One plate meal」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    I use tray that It’s easy tidied up meal.
    My husband don’t like one plate.
    He like small plate, a little, a lot of kind, becouse he is booze fighter.🍖🍢🍤🍺🍶🍷

    F:OH, you wash a lot of dishes everyday?

    M:I’m Oky.
    I use dishwashers.
    It’s easy and clean.

    F:DO you like cooking?

    M:I like eat, I don’t bother cooking.
    But Jen introduces one plate lunch, It’s look delicious❗
    I’ll cook one plate meal of girls party.

    F:I’m looking forword to eating it😆


  2. F; Do you often eat lunch outside?
    M; No, I only rarely eat outside. Usually, I eat lunch cooked by my wife at my home with my wife. But, my wife often go out to eat lunch outside with members in various circles.
    F; How do you eat lunch in such a case?
    M; In such a case, I must eat lunch modestly with rice balls made in advance by my wife and cup noodles because I can’t cook at all.(LOL)

    By the way, every Saturday is a Osakaya supermarket’s egg cheap selling day. We buy 3 cases of 10-piece case every week in our house.
    It is surprising that one case is about 70 yen and one egg is 7 yen.


  3. M: There are several dishes on the table at my house.

    F: You have to wash a lot of dishes, aren’t you?

    M: Uhufu, I love clear up.(#^ 0 ^#)

    F: Oh! It is enviable!



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