Awesome single seniors

M; The great actress Tomoko Naraoka 88 year-old talked to Tetsuko Kuroyanagi in her TV program that she and other three great name people live in the same apartment.

F; Who are they?

M; Machiko Kyo 90s, Fukuko Ishii 80s and Ayako Wakao also 80s are her mates at the same apartment.

F; How gorgeous they are!

M; They seem to be great singles.

The singles

Tetsuko’s room


Awesome single seniors」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    M:How gorgeous members.❗❗😆

    F:Ayako Wakao is my husband’s favorite actress.😉
    He will envy of there.

    Are you jealous?💢💣🔥

    F:It can’t be.😆


  2. F; Do you know Machiko Kyo, Fukuko Ishii, Ayako Wakao and Tomoko Naraoka ? They seems to live at the same apartment.
    M; Yeah, I know them well because though they were somewhat older than me, they had been very active and popular when I was young. However, young people may not be familiar.
    I also think it is amazing that they lives in the same apartment.

    By the way, today is very cold and snow seems to be coming soon. Tomorrow morning we maybe able to see snow world.


  3. M: What a nostalgic name this is.

    F: These names bring back memories.

    M: It’s a good thing to live with good friends.

    By the way,
    There are a potted flowers on the way of the rice field I always go through.
    I enjoy having a look at those flowers.
    Today, I saw owner of those flowers for the first time.
    I threw a word of gratitude to her in my heart.



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