What wonderful powder!

M; Did you know magical powder to make meat soft?

F; Is it something seasoning?

M; No, but it’s useful for everything not only cooking but also cleaning or washing.

F; What color of the powder?

M; It’s white and no taste nor smell.

It’s also used for bath to make the water soft. I’ve used it instead of shampoo since I had been allergic symptoms.

F; Oh….that’s kind of soda. It’s also useful as baking powder and soften cooked beans or radish.

M; You’re right. It’s sodium bicarbonate.

F; I’ve heard sodium bicarbonate and citric acid are good for cleaning.

M; Yeah…it’s said sodium bicarbonate is good for oily dirt and citric acid is for water scale or mold.

What wonderful powder!


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  1. Good morning☁
    M:I use baking soda to cooking.
    Boil edible wild plants and make confectionery.
    I don’t know to use for meat.

    F:me too.
    I use only cleaning, but It’s not edible one.

    M:we get good knowledge by Jen’s blog.
    Let’s try new memu with baking soda.

    F:Oky, meat, shrimp and vegetable………
    OH, Christmas dinner🎄🍤🍗🍴


  2. F; Do you know sodium bicarbonate or baking powder?
    M; No, though I know “jyuso”, but don’t know those so much.
    F; Oh, the official name of “jyuso” is sodium bicarbonate and same thing.
    And baking powder also have the same ingredients. Jyuso is usefull ingredients for our life.
    M; I see. We can also study anything other than Enlish by jen’s blog .


  3. F: Do you use “baking soda” and “citric acid”?

    M: I use it for cleaning.

    F: Jen’s blog says that these will also exercise power on food.

    M: Oh! They are Superman.(\ 0 /)

    By the way,
    I’m debating whether I’ll make my hair gray hair.
    Hairdresser’s niece says that you’re not that time yet.
    Therefor, today I dyed my hair.




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