Samurai warriors words in Toyama?

M; It’s an unexpected topic on the net that a stranger attempted a high school student “Would you ride my car?” The authority alarmed attention to the stranger.

F; What’s the words?

M; It’s in Japanese Toyama dialect

“ Notteikareyo “. It seems to be taken like Samurai worriers words.

F; Hmmm….according to the article, it’s misunderstood only by the letters not the real voice nor intonations.

M; Yeah…that’s right. Only from the letters on the web, it might be easily to be misunderstood.

F; It sometimes happens.

Samurai warriors words


Samurai warriors words in Toyama?」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    M:dialect of Toyama.
    It’s very unique.
    For example
    The eldest son→(massage)→Anma
    We use Samurai woarriors words.
    Miteikar eyo

    Sayode gozaru😍🎵


  2. M: Perhaps every dialect is unique.

    F: Although I only know the Toyama dialect, I have interesting words.

    M: Ah, probably that.

    F: A man after the party said to women of under him.
    ” 今日はだいてあげっちゃ” (I will treat today.)

    M: Wahahah….!, we often use this dialect with a funny story.

    By the way,
    I’ll go check up for breast cancer tomorrow morning.
    Therefore, I can’t go to the classroom.


  3. F; The Japanese dialect is difficult, isn’t it?
    M; Yeah, Today’s blog example Toyama dialect is also one of them.
    The word that is cited as an example that is misunderstood by Toyama dialect is ”I’ll hug you”(「だいてあげっちゃ」)⇒”I’ll treat you”(「奢ってあげる」).
    The woman of outside the prefecture will be surprised to hear this word.

    “Postscript” It was a coincidence, but I was to introduce the same Toyama dialect as narusisa.

    By the way, today I went to Nagano with my wife and made apple harvesting of my home annual events.
    Today was very fine weather, so we harvested about 150 kg apples directly by hand in about 2 hours.


  4. I love the simplicity and nostalgia of dialect. So I use a lot of Toyama dialect.

    Thank you =Kinodokuna (あれぇ〜、きのどくな〜)😊



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