Emperor dahlia is blooming

M; On the way to walk my dog…

High in the sky

Blooming dahlia

Like an emperor

F; Oh…it’s blooming !

So excited to see their blossoms soon!


Emperor dahlia is blooming」への5件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    M:He is great❗
    Strong in the heavy rain☔☔☔☔
    Strong in the big typhoon 🌀🌀🌀

    Who is he?

    He is emperor dahlia.

    F:Ah, I see😆
    Today’s blog.😊
    Into the sky
    He rising high
    Defend persimmons (vassal)

    M:OH, you are poet.
    ( ^-^)ノ∠※。(^з^)-☆


  2. M: If i remember right, Jen ‘s “Emperor Dahlia” fell down for the typhoon.

    F: This wonderful dahlia would be a neighborhood house.

    M: Jen is a good photographer, so Emperor Dahlia is also good, but I looked at persimmons. (#^o^#)

    F: Oh, “Fall is the best season for eating!” for you.


  3. I didn’t know the Emperor Dahlia 🏵
    I am not very familiar with plants 🌱 I want to hear a lot of things from Jen😊🎵


  4. F; It is the season of emperor dahlia, isn’t it? What about your houses’ emperor dahlia?
    M: The emperor dahlia of our house was received from Jan, a classmate, and it unfortunately was broken last year just before full bloom by the typhoon. This year it grew steadily and was around 2 m, but it seems that growth has stopped recently. Even so, seven flower buds change pink and seem to be blooming shortly.
    F; It is good if it makes a big flower bloom.
    M; Yeah, I hope so, too.

    By the way, tomorrow there are my grandson’s baseball games, younger grandson’s game at Kurobe city in the morning, elder grandson’s game at Tonami city in the afternoon. So, my family are absorbed in baseball all day.




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