Anger management

M; Do you often get anger?

F; Hmmm…not so often but I’m patient and being optimistic.

M; There’re some kinds of angers which you may have. You can try a personal check.

F; What’s are yours?

M; I’m No.2, a little bit impatient and intolerant it said.

F; Okay, let me try it.

What’s your anger?


Anger management」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    M:I’m , No,4
    I look gentle but is tough inside.

    F:OH,It’s really right.
    You are very stubborn.😆

    M:No,I’m careful of selfish.

    F:I see😆
    Your stubborn is for yourself.
    It’s your good point.

    M:It’s nice of you to say that.😆


  2. M: This is a funny personality judgment test.
    F: What number was you?
    M: I was No. 1.
    F: Huh!
    M: However, the section of personality, It’s a little different from my personality.
    F: I agree. I think you are indecisive.
    M: Certainly! ( ^o^ )


  3. F; Do you often get anger?
    M; Hmmm…not so often but somtimes I get angry storongly
    F; What time do you get angry?
    M; For example, when my grandsons enthuse to the game long time without studying, especially because elder grandson is a student preparing for an examination.
    F; You are right. By the way, have you tried ”the anger management diagnosis” of today’s blog?
    M;Yes, I tried it and the results corresponded to No.4.



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