Warm back

M; It was really warm and sun-shining yesterday. I took my dog for a walk longer than usual.

F; Yeah, lovely day it was! I also bathed in the sunshine.

M; We feel so happy to have such a warm day as getting colder and colder these days.

F; So called “A little spring before winter”, doesn’t it?

M; In English they say “ Indian Summer “. It’s originated from Native American in the North America.

Walking with a dog

In Indian Summer

Feeling blessed





Warm back」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    How beautiful💕
    It’s like picture❗

    I nestled
    At uruwashhiki autumn🍁🍂
    One step before👣

    麗しき 秋に
    一歩 前
    By the way
    I go to Osaka this afternoon.
    So,MS. Todoroki’s dinner show.
    See you later😍


  2. M: Japanese people are busy in October.

    F: That’s right.

    M: I thought that I could have time after the autumn festival in the area in November was over.

    F: Is not your busy situation ended?

    M: There are some events to support the elderly in our area.

    F: A kindness is never lost.


  3. F; Also inside of the town, the ginkgo tree are becoming yellow aren’t them?
    M; Yeah, it’s very beatiful. But, After this, cleaning the long-lasting fallen leaves is hard work, isn’t it?

    The inside of the town
    where turned with yellow
    along tree-lined street

    (街中が 黄色く染まる 並木道)




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