One more poem

M; I went through the Apple farm in Azumino where is located middle of Nagano prefecture. I happened to watch beautiful amount of apples were being picked up by a family farmer.

F; It’s the very season for apples, isn’t it?

M; Yeah, it seems. I’ve heard John’s family pick up apples once a year at this season every year.

F; It’s a good idea that getting fresh fruits from the farm!

M; Absolutely, I got ten apples and a few additions by ¥1000.🍎

F; You’re lucky!

M; Then I made one more poem.

Red in the trees

Along the way called “Salad Street”

Farmers are working busy





One more poem」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    With our apple🍎 picking.
    (All apple’s name)

    SUNLIGHT is shine
    SHINANO GOLD is glittering

    陽光 光り
    信濃ゴールド 輝く
    SUNLIGHT is very big apple🍏
    🍎 I got eleven apples.but including with small one.
    Nagano is good 😆💝


  2. The autumn festival is over.
    The excitement of my grandchildren left to their house like the wind.
    I’m busy for cleaning up.

    By the way,
    Short poem is too difficult for me.
    Scenery in the vegetable market of Nagano that I visited the other day.



  3. Sing a song
    Melt in autumn leaves
    Walking on a mountain


    I was glad yesterday 😊🎵


  4. F; It’s the very good season for apples harvesting, isn’t it?
    Your family goes to the same farmhouse in Nagano every year and harvests a lot of apples, doesn’t you? When do you go there this year?
    M; Yeah, I will go to there next Thursday. But, although I usually go with all my family and my wife’s parents and my wife’s aunts on holiday, this time I go with only my wife moreover on weekdays.
    F; Why is that?
    M; Because my wife’s parents and wife’s aunts are elderly and can’t harvest apples by hand directly, in addition there are grandson’s baseball games yet on week end. So, I decided to go with only my wife on weekdays. We have to harvest three house’s apples, so it will be very hard working.



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