Finding the high colored scene

M; Look! I went to see the natural art like pictures in front of me.

F; Oh….dear! It’s lovely!

M; I wanted to make poem for this year, the last Heisei in my memory.

Then this is it!

Burning the mountains

With the gold flame

The picture in the sky



絵 空に描く

F; Oh….that’s the fire burning gold in the mountains!


Finding the high colored scene」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    In my garden.

    Color is vivid
    It’s proud of blooming
    Autumn rose🌹

    With today’s blog.

    Beautiful pictures
    Teacher’s lesson
    Heart and skill


    Poem is difficult.
    Mr.john ‘poem, very good😆
    His grandsons’s love, It’s great❗


  2. F; Did you go to see the autumn colors this year?
    M; No, I didn’t go to see the autumn colors yet because I am very busy to watch or cheer my grandson’s baseball games every week end.
    However, because soon begin the autumn colors with also trees in the city, I will enjoy it while in the morning walking every day.
    F; By the way, where is the place of autumn colors that you have been most impressed with so far?
    M; I was impressed by the autumn colors of various places of Japan, for example Nikko, Kyoto, Shiga-hights etc., but if it says strongly I was most impressed with the autumn colors of Karasawa in Hodaka.

    To Ms.ann Monday
    Thank you for praising my poor short poem.


  3. I went to the mountain today ⛰
    I saw the colors of the trees in the autumn sky and they were very beautiful ✨✨But it’s hard to make poetry .
    Think slowly!



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