Kayaking guy encountered fur seal attaching

M; It’s so funny to have encountered a fur seal attacking with octopus 🐙

F; Is it the fur seal’s trying to trick on the kayak man?

M; It seems that playful fur seal wants to play with the man on the kayak.

The fur seal attacking


Kayaking guy encountered fur seal attaching」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    M:OH, octopus attack❗🐙

    F:a fur seal lost lunch🐙

    M:kayaking guy , he saved a octopus from danger.

    F:If he was hungry like you, he would eat at octopus changed into 「takoyaki」

    M:It’s like delicious😆

    F:a fur seal was middle trader
    So Nakaorosi😉


  2. M: Wahaha, ohohoho, Ihihi….I’m in stitches!

    F: What happened to you?

    M: Please watch this video.

    F: Let’s see…. Wow! No way!

    M: They have a good time, aren’t they?


  3. F; The video attached today’s blog is very funny, isn’t it?
    M; Yeah, when fur seal with octopus in the mouth jumped out from the sea water, it accidentally hit a person on the kayak. This person surprised very much, but was laughing.
    F; By the way, can you distinguish sea lions, seals and fur seals?
    M; No, I can’t at all. They both look the same.

    By the way, it was cold rainy all day today and it was somewhat cold. Everyone, please be careful not to catch a cold.




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