What’s “super monster wolf”?

M; Have you heard of “super monster wolf”?

F; No. What’s that?

M; It’s a kind of scarecrows to scare wild boars. The Awaji Island has been suffered from the damage by wild boars.

F; So…is it shaped of wolf?

M; That’s right. It’s made of high technology and multi groan, not only wolves but also scream of boats or humans.

F; It’s a AI robot, isn’t it?

M; Yeah…it works well but it’s said to have found a weak point.

F; Weak point?

M; An enemy from the behind it doesn’t sense….it only works for the one from the forward.

F; I see….. hope it’ll be developed.

M; Yeah! But the wild boars are clever enough to learn it.

What’s “super monster wolf”?


3 thoughts on “What’s “super monster wolf”?

  1. Good morning☁
    M:hasty wild boars🐗

    F:? Aha It’s next year’s eto🐗

    M:yes,but I don’t want their activity.

    F:me too.
    Please wildboars🐗 live in mountain.

    M:Come on❗wolves❗


  2. M: I wonder why did this happen?
    F: What’s wrong?
    M: The boundary between wildlife and human area was lost.
    F: Oh, I don’t have the ability to say the opinion about it in English.
    M: There is a person in our mountain’s group who exterminate a boar.
    F: Does he have the license of the municipality?
    M: He has it. And he is frozen the boar meat.
    F: Does he eat that meat?
    M: Yes, and he say to us that please come to eat that meat.


  3. F: In recent years, it’s heard frequently that the crop damage caused by wild boars in Satoyama, isn’t it?
    M; Yeah, when walking on Satoyama at walking club meeting, we also see traces of vandalizing the field by wild boars sometimes.
    F; In the Awaji Island, wild boars eat rice in rice fields and ruin it, so it seems to be taking measures with a wolf robot. But, wolf robot had weak point.
    M; I think this weak point is very childish because it was predictable from the beginning and can be easily solved by modern science technology.
    F; Do you have effective measures?
    M; No, I am sorry, but have no idea.(LOL)


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