autumnal meadow saffron

M; Look! They’re so cute and lovely flowers in my garden.

F; What are they?

M; It’s autumnal meadow saffron but it has poison. You need to be careful!

F; Oh…that’s too bad. What happened?

M; Well…the leaves of autumnal meadow saffron looks like edible leeks and some people made mistakes to eat it and they were killed by the poison.

F; Oh…., we should never eat such wild plants even in the garden.

M; You know, the beauty and good taste don’t live together!


3 thoughts on “autumnal meadow saffron

  1. Good morning☀
    M:It’s beautiful💕

    F:OH, suffron, It’s very expensive.

    M:No,It’s 「dog🐶suffron」
    Dog🐶means it isn’t useful , and this flower has poison.

    F:Wao, be careful , you are glutton.😆

    M:Thank you😆…😡
    I don’t eat grasses🌿
    Everybody be careful to us.

    F:?Aha,「beautiful flower has poison」
    We are not beautiful
    , so we don’t have poison.

    M:we have sharp tongue(Doku zetsu)


  2. F; The pink saffron blooming in the jen’s garden is very beautiful, isn’t it?
    M; Yeah, it’s very wonderful and let us feel the autumn arrival. But, it seems to have poison. Exactly, it’s “Beautiful flower have poison”.
    F; That’s right. There are people who mistook to medicinal herbs, and ate this and died.
    M; It sounds very scary. However, it seems that the poison ingredient of this is used for medicine.
    F; Really?

    By the way, after a series of typhoon attacks and three consecutive holidays passed away, it is a genuinely calm and authentic autumn arrival.
    Because the air was very clear yesterday, the Tateyama mountain range was clearly and very wonderful.


  3. M: Oh, today I was late for writing comments.

    F: Were you busy today?

    M: I went to my mother’s house in the morning and had a meeting with friends this afternoon.

    F: What did you consult about with your friends?

    M: We are going to see “花鳥風月 exhibition” at “Suiboku Museum”.

    F: You go to see flowers of painting, don’t you?


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