Saving time slowly step by step

M; Two old women met at Izakaya.

They are talking frankly and having good time.

F; I think they’re very charming and gorgeous because of having great experiences in each life.

M; I know that Hideko Tsuzawa is an elegant lady and Kirin Kiki is a great actress and rolled of narrator of “Life is fruity”.

F; I sill can’t believe she is dead. But her spirit is alive in many films a lot.

M; When I hear her narration in the film it really makes me deeply moved again and again.

F; I want to learn noble values from them.

M; In their talk Hideo said his husband Shuichi used to tell her to save time and keep working step by step.

F; What does it mean?

M; It means you should not try to do things at once but keep trying slowly and learn it step by step.

F; It seems like “ Slow Life”.

M; I want to show you the video but, Oh…I watched it on YouTube the day before yesterday but it’s not existing any more…., may be it was deleted by the authority because it was out of law. The video was protected by the copy-write protection.

F; You were so lucky to have seen it!

Saving time slowly step by step


5 thoughts on “Saving time slowly step by step

  1. Good morning☁
    M:I can’t it.
    It’s impossible for you.
    You have hurried steps.

    M:but I have to sit back time.

    F:If everyday is that ,do you like that time?

    M:No,I like 「dota bata」and some 「sit back」

    F:you will like 「Slow life」some day😆


  2. F; Today ‘s jen blog introduce and recommend “Saving time slowly step by step”.
    M; Indeed, though it’s the few remaining life for us, we, the elderly feel like the time is passing very fast when getting old. So, I think we have to spend cherish whole day a day.
    F; Yeah, I think so, too.

    By the way, also today there are baseball games of my grandsons as same as yesterday, younger grandson is at the morning, elder grandson is from afternoon. My family will watch or cheer the baseball whole day also today.


  3. M: Oh, I got tired.
    F: What happened to you?
    M: My car and my husband’s car got dirty by the typhoon.
    So, I washed the two cars with water.
    F: I appreciate your work.
    M: The Toyama marathon is approaching.
    F: That is the end of this month.
    M: The number of people running that marathon course has increased.
    Today’s weather is fruit-like time for them and for me.


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