Typhoon’s gone

M; It’s so relieved that typhoon 25 has gone without harm.

F; After the typhoon attacks we are very easy.

M; We’d like to have autumn holiday finally.

F; Yeah…., let’s enjoy the rest of full autumn! 🍂🍁🍄🌾🍠🍘


Typhoon’s gone」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    M:a resident fild day, It’s today❗
    I only cheer💕

    F:me too😆
    If we run we maybe hurt.

    M:I think so too.
    We enjoy autumn💕😆

    F:I see your in brain(stomach)🍙🍠🍡🍘🍎🍇🍄🌰


  2. M: When a typhoon passes through the Sea of Japan, my house is attack by the westerly wind.
    F: Was your house okay this time?
    M: One of my potted plant was turn over.
    F: What will you do for this 3 consecutive holidays?
    M: The weather today is unstable, but “Disaster drilling training” is held in my area now.


  3. F; Following the previous three consecutive holidays, also in the this time three consecutive holidays.a typhoon struck, didn’t it?
    M; Yeah, but it was good because there was no serious damage in spite of the fuss.
    F; However, this time of the typhoon brought in a midsummer hot weather in Japan throughout
    M; Yeah, in my house we had to operate the air conditioner again.

    By the way, today there was baseball game of my younger grandson in the morning and elder grandson’s from the afternoon. So, my family was very busy with watching or cheering them. Of course, I took picture and video both of games.




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