Magical 6C words to bring you success

M; Yesterday John talked about 6C words which make your life fully satisfied and succeeded.

F; I also heard of it in the news paper.

M; It’s from the words in the column, isn’t it?

F; That’s right.

M; Do you still remember them?

F; Of course, I memorize it like a story.

If you are curious in your life it will promote you to challenge anything and give you courage.

Then, you should try to continue things in a while you can concentrate for finishing. And finally you’ll convince yourself.

So it’s very important to know these 6 C….

Curious → Curiosity



Continue → Continuation

Concentrate → Concentration

Convince → Conviction


4 thoughts on “Magical 6C words to bring you success

  1. Good morning☀
    F:What do you think?
    You are depressed?

    M:yes, I don’t have 6C words.
    ①curiosity-many-case by case
    ⑤conversation-a lot of
    ⑥conviction-very weak

    F:It’s Oky.
    You don’t need perfect.
    You keep it in your mind ,It’s important.

    M:Thank you😆
    You lift up me from miserable.

    Are you Cossette?👧


  2. M: Mr. John is a challenger.
    F: What did he do?
    M: It’s seems that he is writing “Tenchijin” every day.
    F: All your classmates are challengers.
    M: That’s right! Let’s become a challenger with Jen as the head!


  3. Thank you for introducing by your blog the 6 “C” I mentioned in the topic of yesterday.
    I also think that 6 “C” in English is important to achieve things of all.
    Especially, I would like to spend my remaining life with the motto that “Continue to challenge everything with having curiosity”.

    By the way, I guess the fifth “C” is Concentrate → “Concentration” (not “Conversation”).


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