Panther in the well

M; A panther was found in the well in India.

F; What happened?

M; It might fall into the well for some reason.

F; Was it rescued?

M; Yeah…, fortunately the panther was saved by the warm hands.

Panther in the well


3 thoughts on “Panther in the well

  1. Good morning☁
    M:she is wise so be saved is the first important.

    F:yes,she was very tired.

    M:she jumped at the cage.

    F:Watari ni fune(cage)…It’s right?

    M:you are good😆
    Give me cake🍰?

    F:It’s Watashi ni kaiki…fufufu😆Oky.


  2. F; Why did the agile panther fall to the well?
    M; No, I don’t know it what happened. But, it was good that this panther was rescued safely by the quick cooperation play of kind peoples. Surely, I think this panther is grateful to the peoples who were helped.
    F; Yeah, I think so, too.


  3. M: This panther seemed to have been in trouble very much.

    F: Looks like it. So perhaps she entered the cage prepared by humans.

    M: The other day, I heard the sorrowful news of the zoo keeper who suffered the damage of Tiger.

    F: I’m very sorry to hear that.

    M: I am happy with this news that makes my heart warm.


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