Warm winter

M; Hey it’s reported that it might be warm winter this year.

F; Really? I’m happy to hear that!

M; It’s said that El Niño occurred in the Western Pacific Ocean and it will make winter season warmer.

F; I can’t understand the weather but it’s good to me staying in warmer winter.

M; Same to me!

Warm winter

Knowledge about weather


4 thoughts on “Warm winter

  1. Good morning☁
    M:Warm winter😄
    That sounds good🎶

    F:yes, I think so too😆

    M:I hope snow in mountain.
    Fair in flatland.

    F:Don’t be selfish.

    I take snow (please,alittle)
    By the way,we went tour of art miusiam, yesterday.
    ①tokyoto art miusiam
    院展、I didn’t move.
    I moved,his works.
    ②Setagaya art miusiam
    It’s very far,because near kanagawa prefecture.
    We ate lunch
    🍴It’s very delicious.
    Miusiam is very good🎶
    向井 潤吉展
    It’s dear life.I moved.
    ③Ginza kyobunkan
    藤城清治 生きる喜び展
    It’s small palace,but his power is big💕❗
    I take power from he.
    I moved his works.
    Tea brake.
    And we bought box lunch.
    We were very busy and happy💕 yesterday.


  2. M: There is information that this winter is warm.
    F: Do you want a warm winter?
    M: A little snow falls in the plain, and I wish for a lot of snow in the ski resort.
    F: Oh, you are a ski woman.

    By the way,
    I helped after today’s class that prepare my friend’s move.
    And I got back home now.
    I’ll make dinner from now.


  3. F; There is a forecast that this winter may be warmer, isn’t it?
    M; Really? If so, I’m also happy because I am not good at cold. But, usually, if summer is hot, winter will become severe cold.
    Anyway, we can’t count on forecasting because abnormal weather is frequent in recent years.
    F; I think so, too.

    By the way, today there was a “meeting to show respect for the aged” at my granddaughter’s nursery. I and my wife attended there and we enjoyed singing or dancing of cute grandchildren, and then eating meal with them.
    In addition, there was a report meeting of the Hokkaido tour in the evening and I introduced about 50 minutes video which made it for a week.
    So, I had to be absent from the classroom of today, sorry.


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